Discussion 4: The Enneagram: Discover Your Strengths

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  • Complete the Enneagram personality type test.
  • Identify your Enneagram personality type.
  • Analyze how your Enneagram test results relate to your desired career path.

In this week’s discussion board, you will take the Enneagram test to discover your personality type.



Part 1

  1. Take the Enneagram test here: https://globalleadershipfoundation.com/rheti/test.html
  2. Capture a screenshot of the score that shows your personality type results and embed it as an image to the discussion board. Do not upload as a link or document. Your personality type will be the one with highest number in the chart results. See the image below for reference.
  3. Research and post at least two (2) references to deepen your knowledge of your Enneagram test results. Hint – It can be the articles you read above.

This is a free version of the Enneagram and if you’d like to take a more comprehensive, scientifically validated Enneagram, visit https://www.enneagraminstitute.com

Your personality type will be the one with highest number in the chart. Sample screenshot of what your results will look like:

Part II

  1. In 4-5 sentences, share what your Enneagram personality type is and summarize at least one new insight that you learned about yourself. 
  2. In 4-5 sentences, explain how your Enneagram test results can help you develop your strengths and/or improve an area of growth.
  3. In 4-5 sentences, how does your Enneagram personality type relate to your future career goals?

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