final-BCJ 450-Heavy Hands-An Introduction to the Crimes of Intimate

BCJ 450Text: Heavy Hands: An Introduction to the Crimes of Intimateand Family Violence5th Edition, 2014ISBN-13: 978-0-13-300860-9 Author(s): Denise Kindschi Gosselin Publisher: Pearson 925 North Spurgeon Street, Santa Ana, CA 92701Phone: 714-547-9625 Fax: 714-547-5777www.calcoast.edu03/15 Final Examination Domestic Violence BCJ 450 Domestic Violence Final Examination Multiple Choice Questions (Enter your answers on the enclosed answer sheet)1. Femicide is:a. the killing of women because of their gender.b. committed by non-family members.c. another label for homicide.d. done out of respect for women.2. In what year was the first campaign against intimate partner violence launched in Romania?a. 2001b. 2003c. 2007d. 20093. In India, which of the following is an example of violence against women in the family?a. forced prostitutionb. dowry-related violencec. trafficking of womend. sexual harassment at work4. Which dishonorable act of a Muslim daughter in Afghanistan demands “punishment”?a. attempting to assimilate into Western cultureb. seeking an educationc. seeking employmentd. not wearing a headscarf5. In early 2006, it was reported that up to 10 million female fetuses were aborted in India overthe past 20 years. This practice is known as:a. dowry.b. female foeticide.c. preferred infanticide.d. gender-specific abortion.6. Sexual abuse is a topic rarely studied in the People’s Republic of China and ________ is notacknowledged as occurring.a. rapeb. child pornographyc. incestd. All of the above.3 BCJ 450 Domestic Violence Final Examination 7. The contemporary field of violence is the study of a _________ problem.a. psychologicalb. historicalc. sociald. philosophical8. What do experts suggest the inequality of the sexes is a foundation for?a. intimate partner violenceb. male superiorityc. more physical abuse and violenced. None of the above.9. The earliest known body of law is:a. the Code of Hammurabi.b. Draconian law.c. the Solomon Code.d. Roman law.10. What was believed to have been accepted under English law?a. Women could divorce their husbands.b. having more than one wifec. physical forced. arranged marriages11. Olympe de Gouge was known for:a. The Declaration of Rights of Men.b. her accomplishments regarding French Law.c. the Civil Code of Law.d. The Declaration of Rights of Women.12. The British immigrants reestablished their customs of inheritance by the eldest son, called___________.a. prodigyb. primogeniturec. prodigald. parochial 4 BCJ 450 Domestic Violence Final Examination 13. Which research method(s) is/are used in the criminal justice field?a. quantitativeb. qualitativec. multidimensionald. a and b only14. Which of the following is a form of quantitative research?a. survey designb. descriptive researchc. applied researchd. All of the above.15. What school of thought recognizes that the causes of violence can be seen by biological,psychological, and sociological viewpoints?a. Classicalb. Positivec. Sociologicald. Conflict16. The deductive model, which uses fixed research objectives, defines the terms that arerelevant for the research, follows a fixed sequence of steps, and typically measures datausing numbers, is called:a. quantitative research.b. qualitative research.c. survey research.d. None of the above.17. The major source of information on criminal victimization is called the:a.b.c.d. National Crime Victimization Survey.Uniform Crime Reports.National Incident-Based Reference Service.None of the above. 18. Which is the most current and updated method for the official reporting of crime?a. National Crime Victimization Surveyb. The Uniform Crime Reportsc. The National Incident-Based Reference Serviced. None of the above. 5 BCJ 450 Domestic Violence Final Examination 19. Which school of thought believes that law is the means by which the ruling class maintainsits control?a. Classicalb. Positivec. Sociologicald. Conflict20. Which of the following is NOT one of the three major schools of criminological theory?a.b.c.d. ClassicalPositiveBiologicalConflict 21. Child Protective Services (CPS) are required by all states to investigate reports of:a. child abuse.b. ignorance.c. neglect.d. a and c only22. The murder of a child before his or her first birthday is known as:a. infanticide.b. patricide.c. suicide.d. All of the above.23. Emotional psychological abuse involves a pattern of behavior that impairs a child’s:a. ability to grow up.b. emotional development.c. sense of well being.d. b and c only24. Educational neglect is defined as:a. the allowing of chronic truancy.b. failure to enroll a child of mandatory school age in school.c. the failure to attend to a special educational need.d. All the above. 6 BCJ 450 Domestic Violence Final Examination 25. __________ is the concept of a parent failing to provide for the basic needs of a child.a. Abuseb. Neglectc. Endangermentd. Advocating26. Child physical __________ is generally defined as any non-accidental physical injury to thechild.a. abuseb. neglectc. endangermentd. advocating27. Medical __________ is when a parent fails in their duty to seek necessary medical care fortheir children.a. abuseb. neglectc. endangermentd. advocating28. _________ is frequently defined in terms of deprivation of adequate food, clothing, shelter,medical care or supervision. a. Neglectb. Abusec. Tortured. All of the above.29. Children with disabilities are:a. responsible for being neglected and abused.b. not able to determine abuse from love.c. at significantly increased risk for neglect and abuse of all forms.d. at a decreased risk for neglect/abuse of all forms because people take pity on them.30. Blue or purple bruises are indicative of an injury:a. 5 days old.b. 15 days old.c. one week old.d. 10 days old. 7 BCJ 450 Domestic Violence Final Examination 31. Shaken Baby Syndrome:a. is a relatively new classification of death or injury to infants.b. is the medical term used to describe the violent shaking of a child and the injuriesthat can occur.c. is common in the United States more than any other country.d. a and b only32. Filicide is the killing of children by:a. siblings.b. cousins.c. fathers.d. parents.33. Of all domestic cases, child abuse investigations are the most time-consuming and difficultfor:a. police officers.b. social workers.c. forensic investigators.d. All of the above.34. Bruises that are bluish or purple are typically how many days old?a. 0 to 2b. 2 to 5c. 5 to 7d. 7 to 1035. _________ of bruises involves noting the color of bruising present on a victim anddocumenting this information using a specific time frame.a. Carbon datingb. Age datingc. Type datingd. None of the above. 36. _________ is the taking, keeping, or concealing of a child or children by a parent, otherfamily member, or person acting on behalf of the parent or family member that deprivesanother individual of his or her custody or visitation rights.a. Borrowingb. Ajudicationc. Turningd. Abduction8 BCJ 450 Domestic Violence Final Examination 37. Family-based theories are examples of:a. single dimensional theories.b. theoretical approaches.c. multidimensional theories.d. a and c only38. Chronic physical abuse can result in long-term:a. physical disabilities.b. brain damage.c. hearing loss.d. All of the above.39. Which abused children are at an increased risk of developing delinquent behavior?a. sexually abused childrenb. emotionally abused childrenc. physically abused childrend. All of the above.40. Bestiality is:a. animal to human sexual activity.b. human to animal sexual activity.c. abuse of animals by humans.d. a form of punishment.41. Juvenile victim pornography is frequently associated with:a. a sexual offense.b. a physical offense.c. a violent offense.d. a and c only42. Research and theory suggest that some forms of victimization increase the risk of:a. juvenile criminal offending.b. adult criminal offending.c. arson.d. continued abuse through generations to come. 9 BCJ 450 Domestic Violence Final Examination 43. Which refers to the act of killing one’s parent and is a form of murder committed byjuveniles?a. Parricideb. Patricidec. Patronaged. Portage44. Which refers to the act of killing one’s father?a. Parricideb. Patricidec. Patronaged. Portage45. Physical abuse behaviors do NOT include:a. punching.b. shoving.c. asking for some kind of abuse.d. using an object against a spouse.46. Intimate partner violence is believed to be strongly linked to:a. divorce.b. homelessness.c. the development of chronic offenders.d. economic issues and families.47. _________ women’s encounters with racism are believed to contribute to mistrust andreluctance in accessing mainstream support systems.a. Caucasianb. Asianc. African Americand. American Indian48. Men are less likely to report intimate partner violence and seek services because:a. of the stigma of being a male victim and fear of not being believed.b. they are said to be too stubborn to report anything.c. they are ashamed of themselves.d. None of the above. 10 BCJ 450 Domestic Violence Final Examination 49. __________ partner violence is violence committed by a current or former spouse, oppositesex co-habiting partner, same sex co-habiting partner, date, boyfriend, or girlfriend.a. Childb. Intimatec. Psychologicald. Emotional50. The three-stage description for the abusive pattern of battering is called the:a. cycle of violence.b. honeymoon phase.c. noncompliance theory.d. patriarchy.51. __________ is a repetitive pattern of behavior that is intended to gain power and control overa person.a. Physical abuseb. Sexual abusec. Batteringd. Child abuse52. The dominant theoretical explanation for family violence since the 1970s has been the__________ sociopolitical theory.a. feministb. cycle of violencec. psychologicald. None of the above.53. In __________, as part of the Violent Crime Control and Law-Enforcement Act, Congressstipulated that police have a duty to enforce domestic violence restraining orders that wereissued from another state.a. 1990b. 1992c. 1994d. 199654. Which is not one of the theoretical explanations for abuse in the LGBT community?a. feminist approachb. social-psychological modelc. psychological modeld. macho approach11 BCJ 450 Domestic Violence Final Examination 55. This term refers to the condemnation, loathing, fear, societal disdain, and religious rejectionof all things homosexual and those who practice it.a.b.c.d. internalized homophobiahomophobiahomonegativityheterophobia 56. In this battering relationship, victims experience abuse only once or twice as a result of acrisis situation.a.b.c.d. situational batteringchronic batteringemotional or psychological batteringAll of the above. 57. It is a unique correlate specific to same-sex partner abuse and it is the internalized stress tohomophobia, sometimes called internalized homonegativity by clinicians; it refers to lesbian,gay, bisexual, and transgendered people and the internalization of negative societal andenvironmental attitudes against them.a.b.c.d. homophobiainternalized homophobiabiphobiaAll of the above. 58. ___________ refers to the condemnation, loathing, fear, societal disdain, and religiousrejection of all things homosexual and those who practice it.a. Homosapienb. Homophobiac. Hominophobiad. Heterophobia59. Police have the duty to enforce domestic violence restraining orders that were issued fromanother state under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), passed by Congress as part ofthe Federal crime bill of __________.a. 1994b. 1998c. 2001d. 2004 12 BCJ 450 Domestic Violence Final Examination 60. The ___________ approach is often used to describe the context of battering within GLBTrelationships as well as heterosexual abuse.a. masculineb. feministc. socialistd. deviant61. __________ abuse is defined by intentional actions that cause harm or risk serious harm to avulnerable older adult by a caregiver or a failure to satisfy his/her basic needs.a. Adultb. Elderc. Companiond. Institutional62. Which is a sign of self-neglect?a. refusing medicationsb. lacking food or basic utilitiesc. alcohol or drug dependenced. All of the above.63. Which is not a risk factor for abandonment?a. physical impairmentb. adequate personal resourcesc. depressiond. decreased health status64. For failing to report abuse, a mandatory reporter could be found guilty of what?a. felonyb. misdemeanorc. They can’t be charged for anything for not reporting abuse.d. None of the above.65. Which of the following is not a sign of self-neglect?a. inability to manage financesb. hoarding animals or trashc. taking medicationsd. lacking food or basic utilities 13 BCJ 450 Domestic Violence Final Examination 66. ___________ is a term used to describe the deterioration of intellectual faculties, such asmemory, concentration, and judgment.a. Alzheimerb. Agingc. Schizophreniad. Dementia67. Inflicting mental pain, anguish, or distress on an older adult by verbal or nonverbal actsconstitutes ___________ abuse.a. physicalb. emotionalc. psychologicald. All of the above.68. __________ is the intentional and permanent desertion of an elder in any place (such as ahospital, nursing facility, shopping center, or public location) or leaving the personwithout the means or ability to obtain necessary food, clothing, shelter, health care, orfinancial support.a. Deterrenceb. Negligencec. Abandonmentd. None of the above.69. After an abusive attack, it is not unusual for the offender to:a. leave for an extended period of time.b. beg for forgiveness.c. turn themselves over to the police.d. instantly abuse again.70. A tyrannical offender:a. knows what he’s doing and intends to frighten, intimidate, and punish his partner.b. usually acknowledges that he has used the violence, but blames his partner forprovoking him.c. describes his partner as being submissive and careful around him.d. a and c only 14 BCJ 450 Domestic Violence Final Examination 71. There is a strong association between police officer perpetrators of domestic violence and__________ abuse.a. physicalb. sexualc. animald. alcohol72. Which of the following individual factors is NOT a risk factor for intimate partner violence?a. depressionb. insecurityc. narcissismd. empathy73. The Department of Defense has established two different reporting criteria for victims ofintimate partner abuse which are restricted reporting and ___________ reporting.a. classifiedb. unclassifiedc. unlimitedd. unrestricted74. The majority of family violence offenders are white males ages __________ and older.a. 20b. 30c. 40d. 5075. Which of the following is not an offender characteristic type?a. Twistedb. Tyrannicalc. Exploderd. High-risk76. __________ is believed to be the first state to allow animals to be included in protectionorders in cases of domestic violence.a. Maineb. New Jerseyc. Californiad. Connecticut 15 BCJ 450 Domestic Violence Final Examination 77. The __________ of probable cause is critical to any police action that may involve an arrest;therefore, the officer must collect evidence and interrogate suspects.a. examinationb. foundationc. determinationd. All of the above.78. Police departments require specialized domestic violence training for officers:a. during both in-service and recruit training.b. once a month.c. only if officers are interested in domestic violence.d. and training time varies between police departments.79. Who is most likely to collect evidence to turn over to prosecutors and get the victims totestify in court?a. specialized domestic violence unitsb. private investigatorsc. undercover domestic violence unitsd. detectives80. Which of the following is not a part of the interview process?a. preparationb. establishment of the psychological contentc. interventiond. questioning81. Which is not one of the five questions that police officers must consider when making thedecision to arrest?a. Does the action constitute a crime?b. Is there probable cause that the crime was committed?c. Is the crime a misdemeanor or a felony?d. Did the victim do something to enrage the perpetrator?82. In Marvin _________ 1958 study, 65% of homicide victims were found to be relatives, closefriends, paramours, or homosexual partners to the principle offender.a. Wolfgang’sb. Solon’sc. Thurman’sd. Meyer’s 16 BCJ 450 Domestic Violence Final Examination 83. Academies that offer domestic violence training will frequently provide between _________days and one week of instruction for recruit and special unit training.a. 1-2b. 2-3c. 3-4d. 4-584. The __________ aggressor in intimate partner violence is the person who is responsible forthe perpetuation of the violence, not necessarily who initiated it in one particular incident.a. primaryb. secondaryc. directd. indirect85. The groups that are most likely to be violent and stalk others are those:a. that have had an intimate relationship with the victim.b. that wish they had a relationship with the victim.c. are jealous of the victim because they are in a different relationship.d. that hated being noticed by the victim.86. Stalking is different from the majority of crimes because it consists of:a. one single act.b. harassing the victim.c. threatening the victim.d. All of the above.87. The one trait all stalkers have in common is that they:a. were stalked themselves previously in their lives.b. will never stalk someone just once.c. suffer from a personality or mental disorder.d. None of the above.88. Violence is associated with stalking since it is thought to occur in approximately_________ % of cases.a. 25-35b. 55-65c. 75-85d. None of the above. 17 BCJ 450 Domestic Violence Final Examination 89. Under __________ v. Arizona, guidelines were established to assist police officers and toensure the rights of domestic violence victims.a. Minceyb. Chapmanc. Corryd. Maxwell90. An example of ___________ homicide is the defense referred to as battered women’ssyndrome.a. inexcusableb. excusablec. justifiabled. felonious91. The most common type of stalker is the ___________ or simple obsessional stalker.a. resentfulb. intimatec. relationshipd. predatory92. ___________ was the first state to pass anti-stalking laws.a. Michiganb. Californiac. Wisconsind. Nevada93. Jurisdictions with specialized domestic violence prosecution programs typically have thehighest rates; a court in San Diego documented that ___________ of cases broughtby the police were prosecuted.a. 70%b. 30%c. 50%d. 75%94. The creation of cross-agency response teams involves all of the following except a(n):a. advocate.b. police officer.c. probation officer.d. prosecutor. 18 BCJ 450 Domestic Violence Final Examination 95. __________ of general jurisdiction has/have the authority to try all cases, both civil andcriminal.a. Federal courtsb. State courtsc. The Supreme Courtd. None of the above.96. Which courts assign judicial officers to hear a special domestic violence calendar, regardlessof whether or not they hear those cases exclusively?a. Spousal Violent Courtb. Civil Courtc. Domestic Violence courtd. Integrated Domestic Violence Court97. Which is not an example of a protection or resource available through domestic violenceadvocates?a. victim sheltersb. victim servicesc. weapons confiscationd. batterer imprisonment98. Family and probate courts typically have jurisdiction over:a. divorce.b. custody.c. guardianships.d. All of the above.99. Which is not a reason for the emergence of domestic violence courts?a. There has been a large increase in the number of domestic violence cases.b. There is an increasing awareness that specialized services and responses areneeded.c. There has been a large increase in the severity of domestic violence cases.d. When left in traditional courts, those with low injury or non-injury cases tend tob e upstaged by more serious crimes, regardless of the potential violence attachedto these offenses.100. Which of the following is a typical piece of information asked for in a request forprotection?a. any knowledge of weapons that the defendant may possessb. age of victimc. any knowledge of prior or pending court action involving the victim and defendantd. All of the above.19

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