PSYC 525: Human Development Paper Assignment

PSYC 525

Human Development Paper Assignment Instructions

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Description: This assignment requires you to think critically about theories and issues in human development.

Purpose: A temptation in studying human development is to neglect the hard work of critical thinking—challenging underlying assumptions of theories, integrating theories, comparing/contrasting theories, etc. This assignment will allow you to practice critical thinking in the context of theories in human development.



1. There is considerable flexibility in this paper. The main criterion is that it must demonstrate critical thinking in a coherent argument related to course material.

2. Some options include:

a. Critiquing concepts or underlying principles of a theory covered so far.

b. Integrating theories covered to date.

c. Challenging assumptions of a theory that has been discussed.

d. Comparing/contrasting theories that have been covered.

e. Discussing strengths/limitations of a theory that has been explored.

3. This paper is NOT a summary of a theory. This paper IS a demonstration of your understanding of a theoretical approach/issue through critical analysis.

4. The instructor will not proofread papers, but it is acceptable for a friend to proofread for clarity, grammar, and spelling. In addition, the Liberty University Online Writing Center can help with overall writing and flow. You can find the link to the Online Writing Center on the
Human Development Paper Assignment page under
Human Development Paper Resource.


1. Include a title page, abstract, references page, and 4 pages of content.

2. Whatever approach you choose, be sure to defend your positions, including at least 5 citations of course material.

3. Avoid first and second person pronouns and be sure to use past tense when describing completed research.

4. Current APA standards must be followed.

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.

Feedback From Teacher from last week

Please check APA style 7th edition, professional version (the title page has minor errors).

Please remove extra spacing/white space before and after each heading and between paragraphs. Excellent evaluations throughout! Anything about the sample/participants? Also try to think about some of the weaknesses and strengths in terms of various types of validity: external validity, internal validity, and construct validity.

Book Used in this class

Miller, P. (2016). Theories of Developmental Psychology (6th ed.). New York, NY: Worth. ISBN: 9781429278980.

Articles read in this class so far

Read: What is the Shape of Developmental Change?

Read: Developmental Psychology in the Context of Other Behavioral Sciences 

Read: The Scientific Legacy of Sigmund Freud: Toward a Psychodynamically Informed Psychological Science 

Read: John B. Watson’s Legacy: Learning an Environment 

Read: Social Cognitive Theory: An Agentic Perspective

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