Which structured analytic technique combines decomposition

QUESTION 1Which structured analytic technique combines decomposition to break down the parts of a problem with forced association to compare each part with every other part?A.Weighted rankingB.Diagnostic reasoningC.Morphological analysisD.Structured brainstormingQUESTION 2An analyst works for a government organization monitoring research and development on encryption software conducted by a company controlled by a hostile government. Her organization believes the hostile government is planning on using the software to mask fund transfers in violation of an international trade embargo. Which term best describes the type of intelligence he is analyzing?A.Military intelligenceB….petitive intelligenceC.Law enforcement intelligenceD.National intelligenceQUESTION 3An analyst works in a dynamic, tactical environment where she feels constant pressure to produce immediate results. She knows host of techniques that can probably do several of her common tasks better than the few she uses on a regular basis, but she feels she will fall behind the power curve if she has to learn new tools. Which term best describes the common error she has fallen into for selecting analytical techniques?A.Tool rutB.Convenience shoppingC.College or graduate-school recipeD.Time constraintsQUESTION 4An intelligence collector has just written a report based on answering an intelligence requirement. Which term best describes the content of that report?A.Intelligence informationB.IntelligenceC.InformationD.Raw dataQUESTION 5An analyst is working on an investigation in which a warrant has been secured to intercept telephone communications of the leader of a criminal organization. After having transcripts of the conversations translated into English from their original language, the analyst uses them to improve the quality of a social networking chart he has created describing the relationships between the members of the organization. Which phrase best describes his activity?A.SIGINT processingB.TELINT taskingC….INT exploitationD.ELINT disseminationQUESTION 6Which structured analytical technique is essentially the same as the political, economic, social, and technological (PEST) technique used in business analysis?A.Predication marketsB.Outside-in thinkingC.Structured analogiesD.Policy outcomes forecastingQUESTION 7A criminal intelligence analyst working for the Texas Rangers has started a new project supporting an investigation. Based on this information, which statement best describes an assumption we can make about the nature of the analyst’s work?A.The analyst is serving in a multi-agency unit, most likely at a Joint Terrorism Task Force, under the oversight of the FBIB.The analyst’s agency has a compelling reason to believe that a crime either has taken place or will take place in the futureC.The analyst is supporting the investigation because the results of his or her work is not subject to legal scrutinyD.The analyst’s agency is searching for any information indicating that a crime either has already or will take place in the futureQUESTION 8The eight categories of structured analytical techniques are:A.Decomposition & visualization, Idea generation, Indicators and warnings, Analysis of competing hypotheses, Assessment of cause & effect, Challenge analysis, Conflict management, and Decision supportB.Decomposition, Idea generation, Scenario development, Hypothesis generation & testing, Assessment of effects, Challenge analysis, Conflict resolution, and Decision supportC.Decomposition & visualization, Idea generation, Scenarios & indicators, Hypothesis generation & testing, Assessment of cause & effect, Challenge analysis, Conflict management, and Decision supportD.Deconstruction & reconstitution, Idea generation, Product development, Critical thinking, Regression analysis, Challenge analysis, Conflict management, and Course of action generationQUESTION 9What is the one of the key functions of scenarios and indicators as a category of structured analytic techniques?A.To develop early warnings of some undesirable event paired with situational exercises to identify which possible scenario is most likely developingB.To record at the outset of a project what specific actions or events serve as thresholds for when an analyst must reconsider his or her positionsC.To identify differences in perspective and different assumptions among team or group members, and thus stimulate new ideasD.To allow analysts to collaborate with developing and tracking the definition process while sharing their reasoningQUESTION 10Which statement most accurately describes the difference between red team analysis and red hat analysis?A.Red team analysis is a more traditional version of devil’s advocacy while red hat analysis is a modernized version of devil’s advocacyB.Red team analysis is sometimes used as a synonym for any form of challenge analysis while red hat analysis is sometimes used as a synonym for any form of alternative analysisC.Red team analysis requires analysts with specific cultural sensitivities while red hat analysis requires analysts with specific psychological trainingD.Red team analysis is used to challenge leadership’s conventional thinking while red hat analysis is used to better understand the behaviors and decision making processes of an adversaryQUESTION 11An analyst reviews OSINT reports on a competitor’s job openings because the qualifications of the positions for which the competitor is hiring provide an indicator of new products and services the competitor is developing. Which terms best describes the type of intelligence she is analyzing?A….petitive intelligenceB.National intelligenceC.Law enforcement intelligenceD.Military intelligenceQUESTION 12The office of the police commissioner is preparing its yearly budget requests, which includes funding for a new police station. You have just received instructions to identify where in the city the police station would be the most effectively located. You have responded to the request by asking for the commissioner’s crime reduction priorities to understand better what the police station’s operations would be expected to contribute to the city’s overall law enforcement profile. In which step of the intelligence cycle are you working?A.Requirements and needs analysisB.CollectionC.DisseminationD.ProcessingQUESTION 13An analyst needs to determine which variables explain levels of political violence in an area under her responsibility. She is not interested in how the explanatory variables might influence different parts of the area differently because the focus of her analysis is on the area as a whole. Which term best describes the regression analysis technique should she use?A.Inverse distance weighted regressionB.Geographic weighted regressionC.Ordinary least squares regressionD.Average nearest neighbor regressionQUESTION 14An analyst is attempting to determine the best location for traffic cameras in a city by cross-referencing multiple criteria against a map of the city’s road network. Which term best describes the type of analysis she is conducting?A.Coordinate systems analysisB.Social network analysisC.Regression analysisD.Geospatial analysisQUESTION 15You have been tasked to produce an intelligence product showing areas of the city where citizens feel vulnerable to crime. To do this, you produced a hotspot analysis of crime based on police records over the last three years. Which analytical standard did you neglect?A.TimelinessB.ObjectivityC.Reliance on multiple intelligence sourcesD.Independence from political considerationsQUESTION 16What did the Defense Intelligence Agency’s Knowledge Lab hypothesize regarding analysts’ willingness to post information to Intellipedia?A.That analysts’ organizational culture determined whether they would or would not provide information to those outside their organizationB.That customer’s acceptance of incomplete information encouraged analysts to contribute to online information sharing forumsC.That analysts are less likely to contribute when they believe the customer is better served with only the most complete information possibleD.That analysts are more likely to contribute when they believe the analytical community benefits from negotiating the uncertainty of incomplete informationQUESTION 17A GEOINT analyst uses a digital elevation model (DEM) to produce a viewshed analysis showing every location with a direct line of sight to a specific spot in parking lot where undercover officers are planning to conduct a drug bust. To do this, the analyst uses a GIS to examine each pixel in the DEM and ask itself, “Can this pixel be seen from the specific spot in the parking lot based on the elevation values of all the pixels between this pixel and that spot?” If the answer is “yes”, the GIS places the value of ‘1’ in the pixel. If the answer is “no”, the GIS places a value of 0 in the pixel. Which method is being used to represent the geographic information visually?A.The geographic methodB.The raster methodC.The vector methodD.The straight-line methodQUESTION 18Which structured analytic technique requires establishing mutually-acceptable standards for resolving a dispute and employing an independent third-party to implement them?A.Structured debateB.Joint escalationC.Adversarial collaborationD.Conflict managementQUESTION 19A military intelligence analyst is deployed to a dynamic combat environment where her unit operates a detention facility at which HUMINT collectors routinely conduct interrogations. At the end of every day she produces a briefing for her unit leadership in which she regurgitates information directly from the intelligence information reports she receives from the HUMINT collectors. The quality of her analysis most likely suffers severely from:A.The TPEDs problemB.A lack of taskingC.The IRTPA problemD.A lack of attention to detailQUESTION 20A businessman and businesswoman from different technology firms are having drinks at the hotel bar after a long day at a trade show where they just met for the first time. The businessman complains that he has been working long hours managing the development of a new software program that his boss has been breathing down his neck to complete by the end of the quarter. The businesswoman, who works in her firm’s competitive intelligence office, asks him what keeps holding him back from finishing the project. The businessman starts explaining all the issues he has been having getting the project completed. Which is the best term for the collection operation in which the businesswoman in engaged during the conversation?A.ElicitationB.LiaisonC.Interrogation

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