spc1017-Which group role functions more as an audience

QUESTION 1Which group role functions more as an audience than as an active member?aggressorblockerfollowerevaluator-critic4 points QUESTION 2A process called __________ occurs when an experienced individual helps to train less experienced group members….workingmentoringshadowingapprenticing4 points QUESTION 3Which of the following statements about individual roles is correct?Every group needs at least one person to operate in the individual role.People who operate in individual roles hinder the group’s effectiveness.Group members who operate in the individual role help prevent groupthink.Individual roles help the group focus on achieving its goals.4 points QUESTION 4In a group meeting, Nanak’s supervisor makes a recommendation that Nanak is sure will fail. However, Nanak says nothing to contradict his superior. It is likely that Nanak participates in a(n) __________ culture.low-power-distancehigh-power-distancecollectivistindividualist4 points QUESTION 5In a group meeting, Leslie informs the members: “Costs for August were down 5 percent. Are the figures for September in yet?” Leslie is functioning in which role?procedural technicianelaboratorinformation seeker/giverevaluator-critic4 points QUESTION 6It is best to come to group meetings with ideas and information but not with firmly formed conclusions. True False4 points QUESTION 7Elijah says to a group member, “If your department can add just $1000 to the budget for this project, I think I can find the same amount to add as well. Then we should have the resources we need to proceed.” It appears that Elijah is operating in the __________ role.encouragerelaboratorgatekeeper-expeditercompromiser4 points QUESTION 8In every group meeting, Joy tries to take over by saying, “Look, I’ve worked here for 25 years. That’s longer than anyone else here. I know what we should do.” Joy is operating in the __________ role.dominatoraggressorfollowerharmonizer4 points QUESTION 9Which of the following statements about leadership is a myth?All of us have the potential for leadership.Leaders are born, not made.Only some leaders are charismatic.Even people who are not especially articulate can be effective leaders.4 points QUESTION 10Which of the following scenarios is MOST likely to occur in a collectivist culture?Maxine reacts with anger when her group leader assigns her a task she does not enjoy; she demands to be given a different job.Felipe makes an error that causes his group to miss a key deadline, but he is not singled out for blame. Instead, the error is seen as a group mistake.Lee is honored at a company meeting for coming up with an idea that reduced the number of work injuries in her factory by 50 percent annually.In Mustafa’s group, the leader does most of the talking and generates most of the ideas; group members generally listen respectfully and do as they are told.4 points QUESTION 11In a(n) __________ culture, all group members share responsibility for accomplishments as well as for failures.low-power-distancehigh-power-distanceindividualistcollectivist4 points QUESTION 12Effective group members pick one role and stick with it. True False4 points QUESTION 13Which of the following is an example of a low-power-distance culture?FinlandIndonesiaChinaSaudi Arabia4 points QUESTION 14The __________ approach to leadership focuses on what the leader should do in a given situation.transformationalsituationalfunctionaltraits4 points QUESTION 15Which of the following is the best description of groupthink?posting false or outrageous messages in online discussion groups simply to upset other group membersreaching an opinion or solving a problem after considerable group discussionproducing an idea or solving a problem by holding a spontaneous group discussionthinking or making decisions as a group in a way that discourages creativity or individual responsibility4 points QUESTION 16The participating style of situational leadership is MOST like the __________ form of leadership.democraticautocraticlaissez-faireauthoritarian4 points QUESTION 17Bob is the leader of a team tasked with designing a new website for the business. Group members are all new to the business and do not really know how best to design the website. Why might Bob’s delegating style of leadership be a poor choice for this group?The members of this group do not need much task direction.The delegating style of leadership is not democratic, which is the general and expected style for a group leader.The delegating style is most appropriate for a group that knows what to do and how to do it.Giving group members individuals roles will lead to dysfunction and counterproductivity.4 points QUESTION 18Most effective leaders either influence or empower group members, but not both. True False4 points QUESTION 19Which of the following is a group building and maintenance role?standard-setterprocedural technicianinitiator-contributoropinion seeker4 points QUESTION 20In the __________ style of leadership, the leader gives the group high levels of both task guidance and relationship support.tellingdelegatingsellingparticipating4 points QUESTION 21Most people probably have both individual and collective tendencies. True False4 points QUESTION 22Groupthink is unlikely in a group that is excessively cohesive. True False4 points QUESTION 23This leadership approach is often associated with a strong, charismatic leader.transformationaltraitssituationalfunctional4 points QUESTION 24Which of the following traits is frequently associated with leadership?sociabilityquietnesssingle-mindednessintroversion4 points QUESTION 25Sydney works hard all the time, but when she is part of a group she seems to double her efforts. Sydney’s behavior seems to confirm the theory of __________.trollingsocial facilitationgrapeviningsocial loafing

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