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DeVry GSP115 Week 1 Assignment latest 2015Week 1: Simple Data TypesInstructionsComplete the following assignments. Cut and paste your finished code into a Word document, clearly identifying which assignment it is. Also, capture the output of the program and paste that into the Word document. If there are questions to be answered, put the answers after the output. When you complete all three of this week’s assignments, save the document as yourLastName_GSP115_W1_Assignments.docx. Submit it to the Week 1 assignment Dropbox.1. Compile Time Bugs (TCO 4)Find and fix the four (possibly five) compile time bugs in the code at the end of this section. Compile time bugs shown as errors when you compile, but the Visual Studio IDE also gives you visual clues in the form of red squiggly underlines, as shown here . You will actually see more than five errors, but they are all caused by just four or five bugs. There is a case where you have either two bugs or one, depending on what you think the error is. In one case, it can be fixed with a single change. In the other case, it will take two changes to fix the problems.Here is the code.// Week 1 Assignment-1// Description: Compile time errors with simple variables//———————————-//**begin #include files************#include// provides access to cin and cout//–end of #include files———–//———————————-//**begin global constants**********// NO GLOBALS//–end of global constants———//———————————-usingnamespacestd;//———————————-//**begin main program**************int main(){// Initialize variablesint 1IntVar;int x = “Four”;char y = “a”;float z1 = 4.756fz2 = 7.45f;// Print out the values1IntVar = x;cout<<“1IntVar = “<< 1IntVar <using default cout settings: “<using scientific settings: “<setting precision to 4″<using fixed settings: “<setting precision to 12″<restoring float (default) settings: “<setting precision to (default) 6″< Showing results of unusual and unexpected math operations “<setting precision to 12 places. f1 = “<
1: Memory Leak Output

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