Considering the areas of high incidence exceptionality

Case Study Assignment ( Orient to Ed Exceptional Child course)Considering the areas of high incidence exceptionality that you are most likely to encounter in your first few years of teaching (or a related profession), develop a structured essay (1,000- 2,000 words)addressing the following concerns.Characteristics: For the subject area and grade or age levels where you intend to teach or work professionally (identify), what are some general characteristics that students or individuals might display that would indicate the presence of a disability, a need for adaptations to accommodate identified “504” needs, or a struggle to respond positively to the nuances of the culture and/or the English language.Academic context:For one grade level and subject area (or in the case of early childhood, age group), describe 3-4 “big ideas” that are typically taught during one semester. Use state or national standards and identify the source. Alternately, describe the professional setting where individuals with disabilities may be encountered (recreational program, museum, or other situation) and describe what the individulas are expected to do or perform.Universal Design: List at least one accommodation that could be made to make learning or participation more accessible for the “big ideas” in this area in each of the three principle areas of UDL: representation, expression of understanding, and engagement or apprenticeship.Collaboration: How might you best use special education, grade level, student social, family and community resources to best insure the success of these individuals?Resources: List and annotate three websites that describe inclusive practices or offer general suggestions for teachers, parents, and/or students that are applicable to your area of teaching or other professional work.Continuing Professional Development through Professional Organizations: Describe continuing professional development opportunities or information available to teachers from the Council for Exceptional Children and one other national or international professional organization dedicated to your potential area(s) of teaching or other professional work.

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