CUNY PSYCH 370 – Observe children during an activity

4 page paper , double spaced, 12 point font, standard margin settings. It needs to be a paper where you observe children during an activity related to the arts (visual arts, Music,dance, Language arts) or during free play in an early childhood center with children between ages 3 to 8 years old.A. Basic CharacteristicsWhat is the name of the school/program?What is the age of the child/children you observed?How many children/teachers were present during your observation?What kind of class time did you observe? (Small group, free play, pull-out music class, etc.)B. Observed Interactions Describe the setting for the activity you observed: a) Where were the children? b) How many participated? c) How were materials arranged?Describe in detail: a) What did the children do? b) Identify the type of interaction between the child/children and other children ( type of play, conversation, no interaction, etc.) c) Describe in detail what happened during any interactions you observed….pare and contrast the children’s approach to the activity. If you observed one child twice, compare and contrast what you saw at the two different times you observed her or him.Describe the teacher’s role in this activity.Analyze what you saw related to both the environment and teacher interaction. How does what you saw for each fit with what you have learned about developmentally appropriate practice and fostering creativity?Evaluate what you saw related to both the environment and teacher interaction. For each: What did you like? Why? What would you change? How? Why?C. Concluding CommentaryConclude your paper by describing on what you have learned about early childhood learning environments through the experience of this site visit. How did the use of observational field notes and the ECERS rating scale help you to evaluate the aspects of this learning environment? What ideas about learning environments will your take with you in the future when you envision your own classroom?

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