What is Criminal Law and Why Do We Punish

What is Criminal Law and Why Do We Punish?1.Talk a little bit about the theory of punishment with which you most closely identified with the class. What do you think the about view the criminal justice system and society in general?2. Respond this hypothetical:Tom, a convicted sex offender, decided to go to the local gym for a work-out after clocking out from work. Tom works at the airport as a baggage handler and does not get off work until 9:00 p.m. While working out at the gym, Jerry, a police officer for the city and also a patron of the gym, recognizes Tom and immediately arrests him. Although Tom did not know it, a new day care center opened up just across the street last week and it was still open caring for children. Tom is charged and convicted for violating a local city ordinance which prohibits “convicted sex offenders from being within 1000 feet of a park, playground, school, day care center, or pool, when children are present.” Tom is appealing his conviction because he claims the criminal ordinance is unconstitutionally vague and it is impossible for him to comply with it. What are the arguments for and against the ordinance being too vague? Will Tom win his case? Discuss with your classmates the importance of the “void for vagueness” doctrine.3. Please answer the following question:What do you think about rewarding creators of innovation?Do you think people will continue to innovate and create if they do not have exclusive control over (i.e., they cannot make money from) their ideas and creations?Are the periods of exclusivity too long? Should there be limits on the amount of money that a holder of intellectual property makes from the ownership of these property rights?Is it fair to society to allow the holder of intellectual property rights to have unlimited profits from these property rights?

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