Calgary BIOL 241 – Movement of cells in both prokaryotes

Movement of cells in both prokaryotes and eukaryotes is accomplished by which of the following structures?CiliaDyneinPiliFlagella2. Which of the following is NOT a segment of DNA?promoterregulatory genestructural geneoperatorinducer3. The main purpose of the origin of replication isto make it possible to eliminate bacteria that have not been genetically provide a location where DNA can be inserted into a plasmid.None of these answers is ensure that each daughter cell receives a copy of the plasmid during cell keep the plasmid from leaving the nucleoid region.4. Avery used in order to rule out protein as the transforming principle.ribonucleasedeoxyribonucleaseprecipitateprotein digesting enzymeslysate5. Which of the following are produced in the dark reactions?ATP, NADPH, Oxygen, G3PATP, NADPH, Glucose, OxygenADP, NADP+, G3PADP, NADP+, G3P, Carbon dioxideADP, NADP+, G3P, OxygenCells that are simple and contain no membrane bound organelles are called:EukaryoticProkaryoticProtobiontsPlant cellsAnimal cells7. The law of independent assortment states that:The genes of one organism sort into the gametes independently of the genes of another organismThe alleles of one gene sort into the gametes independently of the alleles of another geneThe gametes of one gene sort into the alleles independently of the gametes of another geneThe alleles of two gene sort into the gametes independently of the alleles of another two gene8. Some plants, such as elm trees, lack one or more whorl of a flower. What term best describes these flowers?IncompleteCompleteSterileHermaphroditicFertile9. How is the N-15 isotope different from the N-14 atom?N-15 has one less proton than N-14.N-15 has one extra neutron.N-15 has one extra electron.N-15 has one less neutron than N-14.N-15 has one extra proton.10. Which of the following effects are mediated by the sympathetic nervous system?inhibition of the adrenal glandsdecreased lung capacitybladder contractionincreased heart ratepupil constrictionWhich of the following is true of vascular tissues in plants?Xylem generally transports food from the leaves to the roots and phloem generally transports water from the roots to the leaves.Xylem generally transports water from the leaves to the roots and phloem generally transports food from the roots to the leaves.Xylem is made of non-living cells and phloem is made of living cells.Xylem is made of living cells and phloem is made of non-living cells.12. A coenzyme is differentiated from the broader class of cofactors because it isInorganicMetalAll of theseOrganicAn enzyme13.A scientist is studying an animal which can be found with either black or white fur. Which of following COULD be true?I. Mating an animal with black fur with an animal with white fur only produces animals with white fur.II. The genotype of the animal with black fur is Bb.III. Mating the animal with black fur to another animal with black fur produces both black and white animals.IV. The genotype of the animal with black fur is bb.II and IIIII, III and IVI, II and IIII, II, III and IVI and IV14. What type of cell might have more smooth ER?NerveSkinAll cells have the same amountHeartLiver15. What do all eukaryotes have that prokaryotes do not?Cell membraneNucleusCytoskeletonDNAFlagellaIf the homozygous recessive phenotype for gene B is lethality, what percentage of viable progeny from a monohybrid cross will exhibit the dominant phenotype.25%100%75%50%0%17. When a substance is dissolved in another substance, it is the _.Dissolving agentSoluteSolventSolution18. The chaparral biome is characterized by what?periodic firesdense evergreen shrubs in the summer and small soft-leaved plants in the winterpoor soil and very little rainfalldense evergreen shrubs; mild, wet winters; and hot dry summersmost of the biomass is contained within the woody shrubs that dominate the vegetation19. Which of the following is not true about acid rain?It causes eutrophication of ponds and lakes.It can lead to deforestation.It is caused by the formation of sulfuric acid and nitric acid in the atmosphere when sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides react with water.It can significantly lower the pH of soils and bodies of water with little buffering capacity.It can cause the death of sensitive aquatic animals.20. Which of these statements isn’t true?RNA is stable.DNA makes RNA, and RNA makes protein.Uracil is a nitrogenous base found in RNA, whereas DNA contains thymine.There are three types of RNA, including mRNA, rRNA, and tRNA.The primary motor cortex of the cerebrumis located in the parietal located in the temporal mapped from the head region on the lower side of the cortex to the lower part of the body on the upper side of the cortex.receives touch and pressure information from the body.22. Triglycerides are synthesized from and _.glycerol; amino acidscholesterol; glycerolfatty acids; glycerolsteroid precursors; starch23. The following image represents the agarose gel results from the restriction digest of a 6 kb piece of DNA that possesses two restriction sites. Which of the following statements is true?The piece of DNA that was digested was not 6 kb long.The 6 kb piece of DNA was completely digested by the restriction enzyme.It is impossible to determine if the digest was successful.The restriction digest was incomplete because the smallest DNA band is missing.Two of the statements are true.24. External fertilizationis confined to typical of terrestrial animals.occurs in some, but not all, aquatic animals.can occur when a spermatophore is transferred.25. After meiosis I, each daughter cell contains:one chromatid of each chromosome.four chromatids of each homolog of each chromosome of each chromatid of each homolog.What is the anticodon for the codon AAG?GGUUUCUUGUUACCA27. Which of these statements is not true about the germ theory of disease?It states that infectious diseases need to be transferred from one host to another to spread.Death rates from infection in hospitals rose after its acceptance.Its acceptance led to changes in the medical and waste disposal industries.It led to medical professionals using sanitation procedures.28. Glycolysis happensIn the mitochondrial matrixIn the bloodstreamIn the cell membraneIn the cytoplasm of cellsIn the inner membrane of the mitochondria29. ________ is a state in which the phenotypes of two different alleles are simultaneously expressed in a heterozygote, ________ is a state in which the phenotype of the heterozygote is intermediate between those of the homozygotes.Codominance; complete dominanceCodominance; incomplete dominanceComplete codominance; incomplete codominanceDominance; codominance30. Primates can be grouped into two main categories. Which of the following correctly pairs the group with the location?Old World: Asia onlyOld World: Africa and New World: South America onlyOld World: Asia, Africa and New World: South AmericaNew World: South America onlyOld World: Africa onlyWhich does NOT describe the inner membrane?Folds to create cristaeContains components for cellular respirationInterior to the outer membraneImpermeableSelectively permeable32. Which of the following steps of the electron transport chain directly drives ADP phosphorylation?The formation of water molecules.Proton pumped against the concentration gradient.Proton flow through ATP synthase along a concentration gradient.The oxidation of NADH + H+.The oxidation of FADH2.33. Which of the following evolutionary agents would produce nonrandom changes in the genetic structure of a population?Population bottlenecksAbstinenceMutationNatural selection34. If dissolving carbon dioxide in water to form carbonic acid is the forward reaction, what is the reverse reaction that balances this reaction in chemical equilibrium?H2CO3 –> H+ + HCO3-H2CO3 –> CO2 + H2O2H2CO3 + H2 –> CO2 + 2H2OCO2 + H2O –> H2CO3H2CO3 + H2O –> CO2 + 2H2O35. This type of integral membrane protein moves two substances in the same directionSymportTriportUniportCarrierAntiportUnlike most other plant hormones, _ inhibits growth and promotes seed dormancy.AuxinsCytokininsGibberellinsAbscisic acidEthylene37. Which of the following statement(s) about heat shock are true?None of the statements are true.Forty-two degrees Celsius is the optimal heat shock temperature.During transformation, cells are heat shocked from twenty to forty-two degrees Celsius.Two of the statements are true.If done properly, a negligible number of untransformed cells are left after heat shock.38. According to the cladogram shown, which organisms are most closely related?Belliolum and DrinysBelliolum and BubbiaExosperman and DrinysExosperman and TasmaniaExosperman and Bubbia39. Which hormone is most responsible for stem elongation, root growth and cell differentiations?Abscisic acidAuxinsGibberellinsCytokininsEthylene40. On the following diagram, which number indicates the cristae?35241Dialysis most closely mimics the function of which organ?the kidneythe bladderthe lungsthe liverthe gall bladder42. Scientists have found fossils that show a sudden appearance of a new organism after decades of no change. Which form of evolutionary change best explains this?UniformismGradualismAdaptive radiationPunctuated equilibriumDescent with modification43. Why is it beneficial to use a logarithmic scale to measure pH?A wider range of values can be measured.It is easy to calculate.It has a fun name.It is not beneficial.44. Mosquitoes fly towards higher concentrations of carbon dioxide. This is an example of:ReflexCircadian rhythmKinesisTaxis45. Which of the following is not a feature of reverse transcriptase?It can incorporate DNA into the host cell’s genome.It is necessary for HIV to replicate its genome.It is very error-prone.It causes the high mutation rate of HIV.It can create double-stranded DNA from RNA.After observing a population of fish with interesting protective spines, a scientist decides to move two of the fish into a new pond to create a new population of fish to study the ability of the fish to survive a new set of predators. Which of the following evolutionary agents did the scientist introduce?I. Natural selectionII. Founder effectIII. MutationII and IIII, II and IIII and IIIII and III47. Some birds give a species-specific vocalization called an ‘alarm call’ when they see a predator, although this call may direct the predator toward them. Other members of their species respond to these calls by taking cover. This would be an example of altruistic behavior that is beneficial to the calling bird ifthe birds benefiting are offspring of the bird giving the vocalization.all birds survive the attack.the inclusive fitness of the bird giving the vocalization is increased.the bird giving the vocalization survives the attack.48. The pressure flow hypothesis can be used to explain:The movement of sugars from sources to sinksThe movement of sugars from sinks to sourcesThe movement of water from sources to sinksThe movement of water from sinks to sourcesThe movement of oxygen from sources to sinks49. Angiosperms are best described as:Vascular plants that produce naked seedsFlowering nonvascular plantsSeedless vascular plantsFlowering vascular plantsSeedless nonvascular plants50. The process by which a cell becomes a functional, mature cell of a specific type is known asDifferentiationSignalingTranscriptionBindingExpression

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