APU ISSC662 Week 8 Assignment: Applied Case Study

Assignment InstructionsInstructions:The applied case study assignment will use the Information Security Assurance Capability Maturity Model (ISA-CMM), Draft Version 3.2 as a basis for selecting a case study topic and approach.Students will select one of the following approaches to complete this assignment:Conduct an ISA assessment of an organization’s IT systems (no identifying information of the organization) and scoped to a section / server farm / basic IT structure and not an enterprise sort of assessment. Conduct an ISA CMM assessment on one specific area of an IA assessment on an organization.Conduct an ISA CMM assessment using a specific publication or standard and relate that publication or standard to the ISA CMM.Conduct an ISA CMM assessment identifying the differences of specific standards with security implications or contrasts between those publications, using the ISA CMM as the basis of comparison.Conduct an ISA CMM assessment with a focus on a specific part of an information system, breaking it down into different types of networks and requirements meeting legal standards, such different classifications of networks, relating them to the specific sections Of the ISA CMM.This case study will be due at the end of Week 8. The paper should be between 7-8 pages long (not counting the Cover and Reference pages) and will follow a conventional paper format (Cover page, Body of Paper with introduction, discussion / analysis / argument / body, conclusion, and references pages). See the Writing Expectations contained in the Policies section of the Syllabus for specific focus areas / guidance. There is a TurnItIn requirement with the case study; please see the log in instructions for TurnItIn in the Resources section. Please establish an account for this course using those procedures so that you are prepared to access TurnItIn when your paper is ready for submission. A similarity score of 15% or below is the objective for your paper.

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