Week 1 Discussion: Consider the difference between project management and portfolio management.

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Consider the difference between project management and portfolio management. A key difference is the number of projects involved. So, it makes sense that different types of organizational structures influence what project teams look like and where a portfolio manager positions themselves. Consider the direct and indirect effects of strategy on portfolio managers.

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words: 

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Discuss how portfolio management is done at your organization or an organization you are familiar with. How does the organization’s strategy influence selecting project ideas, evaluating their feasibility, contributing to the strategic business goals, and monitoring of the overall project landscape? How would you modify how it’s done? Support your response with examples from your experiences.  


Please provide references and in-text citations for all of your posts (either from your assigned textbook and/or other journal or news articles). The link in the University library here provides information on citing sources: 
Reference & Citation Generator – Academic Resources (phoenix.edu)

Post 2 replies to 2 classmates below (in a minimum of 100 words). Be constructive and professional.

1 Deanna Hunt

I work in a call center to help asses and assist others in a mental health crisis. Our company deals with project system management. There are supervisor, managers, team leads and line workers. I am a line worker and I’m being supervised under my team leader for whatever shift I’m on. My team leader report to my supervisor I report to my team lead.That is our daily flow and work routine in order for our call center to flow properly . I take calls my team leader monitors my calls and our supervisors make any and all corrections if need be. We have a team chat group where we express our career goals and ideas on how we can help better shape our company to better suit those in need.


2 Catherine Collini

Top of Form

The organization I work with is semi-new, so the portfolio is something that they have been working on mainly for future projects since most projects being implemented are all new for new processes or operations. I will say, though, that the production department has adopted somewhat of a “what works” portfolio for their department since all projects are essentially the same with small changes per client. There were, however, a collection of projects that we mimmicked from the company my CEO broke away from. And through mentorship and collaboration, we were able to adopt some of them to our production team and some to our commercial team.


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