Please Reply To The Following 2 Discussion Posts:

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Please Reply to the following 2 Discussion posts:

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Despite the extended duration of this program, it is encouraging that, with less than a week remaining, we are nearly finished. Congrats everyone! This program has been an excellent fit for me, and I have cherished every setback and accomplishment. Having only attended in-person programs in the past, I was initially skeptical because gauging the quality of an online school would require a lot of work. Nonetheless, I did find it to be better than I had expected, and some of it was even fun. I enjoyed attending clinicals and seeing familiar faces I’ve only known online. Another good experience was gaining knowledge from my preceptors. The hands-on experience will help me in my future endeavors.

I was ready to learn whatever my four preceptors had to teach since they were dedicated educators. My preceptor was exceptional, which was a blessing. I heard some students who did not have approachable preceptors. Having to deal with my technology problem and the inadequate support I was getting from the school was the most challenging aspect of my schooling. My job as a family nurse practitioner (NP) will benefit from my newfound understanding of the essential, practical, and applicable knowledge of the NP scope.

The challenging theoretical component and clinical rotations have helped me better my diagnostic, planning, managing, and coordination of care skills. Due to Morrison Multi-specialties Companies clinic’s integrative family practice, which broadened my knowledge of complementary and alternative medicine, my clinical rotations there stood out. Healthcare providers can significantly enhance patients’ outcomes by including age-old alternative medicine in their treatment plans (Kisling & Stiegmann, 2020). Lastly, I plan to build a network with the AANP community.

DISCUSSION POST # 2 Reply to Moruph

Throughout this program, my personal learning experiences have exposed me to several resources. This rewarding experience has inspired me to become a top-notch future nurse practitioner. I am grateful for the quality of education in this program. The theory and clinical training have prepared me for my potential future patient encounter as a nurse practitioner. I have learned essential things about primary care and recognize that using evidence-based guidelines for clinical decisions is essential to maintaining patients’ safety and improving health outcomes. The theory has taught me about several diseases, their pathophysiology, and treatment options.
During my clinical training, I have learned skills such as attentive listening, communication skills, and most importantly the significance and principle of good bedside manners. I am so grateful to have learned about certain procedures on how to remove skin tags, cerumen removal, Pap smear including bimanual examination, and so on. I also learned about telemedicine in patient care.
        Furthermore, I have learned how to write good SOAP notes, present cases orally, and make evidence-based clinical decisions.
        However, to enhance personal and professional career advancement, professionally, I need to continue learning about other diseases I have not been exposed to, their pathophysiology, and treatment options. I need to subscribe to Epocrates or UpToDate rather than using the free version. Personally, I need to learn how to take time off from my busy life, eat better, exercise, and rest well. This will help me to be a better version of myself as a future healthcare provider.

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