Edwards Week 6

 The focus of this discussion is U.S. individuals who have been charged  and/or convicted of disclosing U.S. classified information to foreign  adversaries or the media.  To complete the discussion this week,  students will need to (1) identify an individual who has been charged  and/or convicted of disclosing U.S. classified information, (2) discuss  the events surrounding the individual (ex. who is the individual, what  was the individual charged and/or convicted of, to whom was the  information disclosed, etc.), and apply the MICE acronym (Money,  Ideology, Compromise/Coercion, and Ego) from the assigned reading this  week (Charney & Irvin, 2016) to analyze what was the individual’s  motivation for engaging in the disclosure.  Please note students are  highly encouraged to select an individual for whom they do not know much  about.  Doing so will provide a greater learning experience as opposed  to focusing on an individual that a student is fully knowledgeable  about.   

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