Education Week 2 Assignment


In the next several weeks, you will be creating a portfolio that will travel with the child you chose. By the end of the course, the child’s portfolio will provide developmental milestones, developmentally appropriate activities, and ideas for effective learning environments from birth through eight years old!

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This week, you will focus on infancy. For this assignment, you will address the child you observed in this week’s discussion. Using the template provided below, you will complete the Part 1 sections. Be sure to save your portfolio in a location you can find. You will continue to update this same file throughout the course.


To prepare for this assignment,

You are required to use the Child Portfolio Binder template Download Child Portfolio Binder templatefor this assignment. For information on how to use and navigate the template, watch this brief video: Binder OverviewLinks to an external site..


Using the Part 1 portion of the template, complete the following on children birth to 12 months:

  • Complete the developmental checklist sections that you observed in this week’s observation.
  • Summarize three key take-aways from the observation you conducted this week.
  • Discuss two developmentally appropriate activities to incorporate in the classroom. 
    • The activities must address at least two different domains.
    • At least one activity must be play-based.
  • Describe how you would use one topic from the Infants & ToddlersLinks to an external site. Virtual Lab School webpage to further support the needs or strengths of this student.
  • Describe two elements from a learning environment and how they nurture the physical, socio-emotional, language, or cognitive milestones of this child. 
    • Discuss at least two different domains.
  • Explain why family involvement is important for developing children.

The Child Portfolio Part 1 assignment

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