Creating Classroom Behavioral Expectations

Creating Classroom Behavioral Expectations

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The Classroom Management simulations are multimedia, interactive case studies that give you an opportunity to make complex decisions about how best to handle classroom situations you will need to master in order to be an effective educator. Each Simulation presents a series of four scenarios that require you to choose from a set of possible decisions. The program provides you with detailed feedback on their choices. The ten Simulations address the following areas:


The sense of safety, structure, and caring students experience in their school and classroom is a significant factor influencing positive student behavior and academic achievement. Years of research and practice, including recent work associated with the Positive Behavior Support approach, indicate that classrooms and schools where students are systematically taught school behaviors that enhance a calm, supportive learning environment have fewer student behavior problems and higher student academic success.


You are told that the class you will be teaching has a reputation for students demonstrating a high rate of behavior that disrupts the learning environment. You know this is a culturally and academically diverse group of students, many of whom are relatively new to the school community. You decide that rather than dread this year, you have been provided with an opportunity to enhance your skills in working with students to create a positive, supportive classroom community, but you’re not sure where to start. What do you do?

option 1 Ask the principal if, in order to help you make this a positive year for all students in the grade level, she will re-assign certain students in your class to another teacher. Once this has been done, you will have a reasonable chance to develop a positive classroom environment.

option 2Meet with the principal to discuss your concerns and find out what she has planned regarding schoolwide efforts to help all students understand and commit to behaviors that will support the learning of all students. You decide to allow students to learn appropriate school behaviors during a schoolwide assembly and support these in your classroom.

option 3You do some reading in the area of creating positive learning environments and discover four key areas of research: (1) the importance of working with students to create behavior standards supporting a safe, well-organized learning environment, (2) the value of creating a sense of community among students, (3) the role positive teacher-student relationships play in creating a safe, supportive learning environment, and (4) the value of having students actively engaged in and successful at meaningful learning activities. While you view all four areas as important, you believe you have a history of establishing positive relationships with your students and engaging them in meaningful learning, so you decide to focus on helping students learn and commit to behavior standards that will support learning and provide a foundation for positive interactions in your classroom.

you can use other references.

Ormrod, J. E., & Jones, B. D. (2012). Essentials of educational psychology: Big ideas to guide effective teaching. Pearson. 

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