create an 8-12 slide PowerPoint presentation for one or more stakeholder or leadership groups to generate interest

For this assessment, you will create an 8-12 slide PowerPoint presentation for one or more stakeholder or leadership groups to generate interest and buy-in for the plan proposal you developed for the third assessment.

Be sure that your plan addresses the following, which corresponds to the grading criteria in the scoring guide. Please study the scoring guide carefully so you understand what is needed for a distinguished score.

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· Explain an organizational or patient issue for which a collaborative interdisciplinary team approach would help achieve a specific improvement goal.

· Summarize an evidence-based interdisciplinary plan to address an organizational or patient issue.

· Explain how the interdisciplinary plan could be implemented and how the human and financial resources would be managed.

· Propose evidence-based criteria that could be used to evaluate the degree to which the project was successful in achieving the improvement goal.

· Communicate the PowerPoint presentation of the interdisciplinary improvement plan to stakeholders in a professional manner, with writing that is clear, logically organized, and respectful with correct grammar and spelling using current APA style.

There are various ways to structure your presentation; following is one example:

Part 1: Organizational or Patient Issue.

· What is the issue that you are trying to solve or improve?

· Why should the audience care about solving it?

Part 2: Relevance of an Interdisciplinary Team Approach.

· Why is using an interdisciplinary team relevant, or the best approach, to addressing the issue?

· How will it help to achieve improved outcomes or reach a goal?

Part 3: Interdisciplinary Plan Summary.

· What is the objective?

· How likely is it to work?

· What will the interdisciplinary team do?

Part 4: Implementation and Resource Management.

· How could the plan be implemented to ensure effective use of resources?

· How could the plan be managed to ensure that resources were not wasted?

· How does the plan justify the resource expenditure?

Part 5: Evaluation.

· What would a successful outcome of the project look like?

· What are the criteria that could be used to measure that success?

· How could this be used to show the degree of success?

Again, keep in mind that your audience for this presentation is a specific group (or groups) at your interviewee’s organization and tailor your language and messaging accordingly. Remember, also, that another person will ultimately be giving the presentation. Include thorough speaker’s notes that flesh out the bullet points on each slide.

Number of slides: Plan on using one or two slides for each part of your presentation as needed, so the content of your presentation will be 8–12 slides in length. Remember that slides should contain concise talking points, and you will use presenter’s notes to go into detail. Be sure to include a reference slide as the last slide of your presentation.

Number of references: Cite a minimum of 3 sources of scholarly or professional evidence that support your central ideas. Resources should be no more than five years old.

APA formatting: Make sure that in-text citations on your slides and in your notes pages and reference slide reflect current APA Style and Format.

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