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  1. How does a camera-maker’s price competitiveness in a specific geographic region affect its market position?
  2. Identify one aspect that accurately describes your company’s camera/drone business and operations.
  3. What are some benefits of current and cumulative expenditures for camera/drone product R&D?
  4. Name one factor that plays a role in determining a company’s action camera sales and market share in a specific geographic region.
  5. Can you list the components of the compensation package for members of camera/drone PATs?
  6. Explain how currency fluctuations can impact a company’s revenues from shipments of action-cameras and UAV drones in different geographic regions.
  7. What factors determine the interest rate charged by the Global Community Bank for loans provided to the company for financing growth and financial needs?
  8. Name a factor that affects the productivity of both camera PATs and drone PATs.
  9. What is the projected growth rate for worldwide unit sales of wearable, miniature action-capture cameras?
  10. List the four geographic regions where the company is currently selling its action cameras and UAV drones.
  11. Name one measure on which a company’s performance is judged/scored.
  12. Explain how outsourcing action camera assembly from contract assemblers in Taiwan or mainland China can impact a company’s P/Q rating.
  13. In which locations does the company have its camera and drone assembly facilities?
  14. Can you identify a false statement about your company’s assembly operations for cameras and drones?
  15. Provide one true statement about crafting a strategy to be competitively successful in the markets for action cameras and drones.
  16. What are some characteristics of retailers and buyers of action-capture cameras?
  17. What factors do not affect a company’s P/Q rating for UAV drones?
  18. Explain a misconception about online retailers of unmanned aerial view drones and/or the buyers of unmanned aerial view drones.
  19. Name one factor that contributes to determining a company’s credit rating.
  20. Describe how the Investor Expectations Standard assesses your company’s performance.

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