Starting Up Your Own Internet Coffee Club/ Cafe

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You are starting up an internet coffee club / cafe.  

You plan to serve drinks, including sparkling water, white and red  wine, as well as sodas and coffee.  Starbucks, move over, here comes  your competition!  So you want to differentiate yourself in Technology  that Transforms. As you have fun with it, please keep this in mind: Incorporate some terms, such as strategy,  differentiation, competitive advantage, profitability, loss of  competitive advantage, the supply chain, and SaaS systems

-What technologies would you apply? 
-What  are some ways you can use wireless technology to differentiate your  business to ensure that you grab more than your piece of the market  share and build on a great strategic direction? 
-What challenges do you  anticipate and how might you attempt to solve them? This should be a  fun discussion. 
-Focus on wireless differentiation in this technology  that transforms course, but feel free to add other ideas that make your  cafe a big hit, such as drawing the crowd on a Friday night, creating  engaging activities, and more! 

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