Write a proposed project that aligns with an organization’s strategy planning

Write a proposed project that aligns with an organization’s strategy planning. Briefly introduce a fictitious organization of your choice by establishing its name, main good or service, and organizational type (e.g., corporation, government, educational institution, military, non-profit, etc.). Include the following:Generate a vision statement between 50 and 250 words for this organization. The vision statement needs to be reflect what the organization wants to become, long term, and must be abstract enough so that it won’t likely need to change as the organization matures. A good vision statement is memorable and used to motivate employees. After generating the vision statement, analyze and explain how these aspects of the vision statement contribute to its strength.Identify at least two techniques for developing an organizational assessment (current status assessment)….ing a selected technique from above, evaluate the current status of the organization. Include the organization’s current technologies, processes, and human factors….ing the vision statement, propose a strategic plan for the IT department that would improve a certain aspect of the organization’s current state to achieve a desired future-state objective. The strategy needs to be implemented, in part, by an information systems project.Operational, organizational, and political aspects need to be addressed for this proposed project. The outcomes of the project need to achieve specific feasible outcomes for the purpose of helping the organization advance toward the vision. Justify this information systems project in terms of how the project would be consistent with the organizational strategy. Describe how this project would be managed within the organization’s project management portfolio.Within the strategic plan, support your recommendations by citing at least 2 (two per week) scholarly, peer-reviewed studies. Demonstrate writing standards required for Master’s Level I, located in the Writing & Style Guidelines in the Center for Writing Excellence. The report length is 4 to 6 pages of core content, not including images or tables.

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