Description of Business Audience

Title of Presentation (appears on first slide)Name of Presenter (include your own title, role, and company, which can be fictitious) (appears on first slide)Description of Business Audience (include specifics such as job titles, job levels, company department(s), organizational membership (Chamber of Commerce, name of the professional or trade association to which audience members belong, etc.) This must be a BUSINESS audience to whom you are giving a BUSINESS presentation in a BUSINESS setting, whether internally within your own company or to an audience external to your company. (does not appear on the slide; this information is spoken)Introduction (Begin with an attention-getter/icebreaker that relates to the topic and the audience. Introduce yourself in your identity as the presenter. Acknowledge the audience and the setting (I am excited to be here today at the national conference of the National IT Executives Forum in Miami) (This does not appear on a slide; it is spoken aloud.)Thesis Statement (A single sentence that encompasses the main points (Roman numerals) of the speech.) (Also does not appear on a slide; it is spoken aloud while the first slide is on the screen.)(Body of Outline with a minimum of 3 main points as Roman numerals and at a least two additional levels of sub points using capital letters and then numbers)Conclusion (Tie back to the introduction/thesis and quickly summarize the main points. Then end the speech by closing with a memorable quote, startling fact or statistic, etc.)Visual Explanation (This section simply lists/describes your visual aids by slide number, and explains how each one helps the audience to understand key points) See the Visual Explanation example in Doc Sharing.References (Must appear in full APA style and format. Just URLS are not sufficient. Do not bullet or number them. Go to citationmachine…. or bibme…. for quick shortcuts to creating correctly formatted APA references)

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