Peoject Management Chapter 4 Multiple Choice Quiz

1 How is project scope defined? A) The length of your project and how much it will cost B) The deliverables or outputs during the course of the project C) The range of resources you have available and their capabilities D) What you expect to deliver to your customer when the project is complete E) The range of customer expectations2 There are 5 steps involved when defining a project, which of the following is the first? A) Establish project priorities B) Define the project scope C) Verify the budget available D) Assign team members to work on the project E) Determine the required completion date3 Which of the following is NOT true regarding scope creep? A) It is when the cost of the project is more than expected B) It is the tendency for the project scope to expand over time C) It most likely caused by a scope statement that is too broad D) It can have both positive and negative impacts on a project E) It can lead to added costs and possible project delays4 In reviewing the project plan, Susan sees that the first prototype must be completed by October 12. This would be best classified as a A) Project target B) Limit item C) Milestone D) Project objective E) Critical goal5 There are 5 steps involved when defining a project, which of the following is the second? A) Analyze the strategic plan B) Analyze the current budget plan C) Establish project priorities D) Select team members E) Define the major objectives to meet the customer’s needs6 One of the primary jobs of a project manager is to manage the trade-offs associated with the project. Which of the following is NOT one of the basic classifications of project priorities? A) Profit B) Cost C) Time D) Performance E) All of these are basic classifications7 Scott has just been given a project that has a specific completion date. After a discussion with top management he finds that while the date is important the cost is more important and a slip in delivery would be acceptable if required to meet the cost targets. The completion date is best classified as A) Constrain B) Enhance C) Accept D) Limit E) Optional8 The _________ is used to assist in making project trade-offs between schedule, budget, and performance objectives. A) Responsibility matrix B) Work breakdown structure C) Project priority matrix D) Work package E) Criterion matrix9 The highest element in the hierarchical breakdown of the WBS is A) A work package B) Sub deliverables C) A cost account D) Major deliverables E) The project10 All of the following are ways the WBS helps in managing projects EXCEPT A) With cost and time estimates the WBS makes it possible to plan, schedule and budget the project B) It provides management with information appropriate to each level C) It can be used to define communication channels D) It allows the project manager to establish the overall objective of the project E) As it is developed, organizational units and individuals can be assigned responsibility of work packages.11 There are 5 steps involved when defining a project, which of the following is the last? A) Code the WBS for the information system B) Assign the cost account to a manager C) Assign the work package to a manager D) Develop the responsibility matrix E) All of these are included in the final step12 The WBS is best suited for projects that have a tangible outcome. Which of the following is used when the final outcome of the project is less tangible or is a product of a series of steps or phases? A) Responsibility matrix B) Organization breakdown structure C) A work breakdown structure is still effective for these types of projects D) Priority matrix E) Process breakdown structure13 The tendency for the project deliverables to expand over time—usually by changing requirements, specifications, and priorities—is called: A) Scope erosion B) Scope creep C) Project bloat D) Scope enhancement E) Project add-ons14 Which of the follow is least likely to be included in a work package? A) How long the work package should take to complete B) A description of work to be performed C) Overhead expenses D) How much the work package should cost to complete E) The person responsible for the work package15 Having a strong communication plan can go a long way toward mitigating project problems. A communication plan should address all of the following EXCEPT A) When the information will be communicated B) How information should be communicated and to whom C) What methods will be used to gather and store information D) What information needs to be collected and are there limits as to who has access to it E) All of these should be addressed in a communication plan.

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