Market Research Overview

Market Research Overview What is the idea of using marketing research? The idea of suing market research is to offer excellent research enable people in life to understand and interpret products and services’ issues. Market research is used because companies need to listen to people understand and give the product or service meet their expectations. It is also important conduct market research to evaluate information that would benefit organizations to make better decisions and reducing risk. This research can help businesses to increase consumer goods, reach out to people about the company’s products and services. Researchers’ role is to collect data about case studies on subjects, such as consumers’ testimony on foo products like cookies. With this market research, it helps to develop questions on sample of consumers or employees on views of the majority of population. Market research is conducted the BIPAC market research report 2011-2012 case study. One of the focuses on this topic is dealing with improvement advanced in technology affecting all disciplines in the research world.BIPAC Background BIPAC is an organization provides important information regarding to their employees or constituents, by the government affects website or department. The members are trade and business associations in the business community. They plan to provide accurate information about strategy issues that affect the running and development of the business. The specific goal oriented strategy including affecting active impactful role in the policy making process in the public business sector. BIPAC conduct the Prosperity Project for any organization’s strategy for the website and other information on reaching out to employees about the activities occur in business in the report. The company surveys to gather information from employees’ views on increase awareness on making changes on issues that need to be resolved in this case study. The research problem is if the organization continues to not alerting employees about the issues, that need to be resolved this case study. BIPAC Market Research (2012) shows, “More than 500 responses represent many industries that are diverse organizational size and geographical including measurements of using tools, issues and political awareness, this also includes respondents involvement in political activities” (p.1). The research question is how BIPAC company are going to make sure employees are aware of the changes that needs to be made in this business community? If, employees are aware of changes, how would they discuss their views of the changes, if they are not notice about the activities in the business community? To answer this question and resolve this problem, the goal is both Minerva Marketing, LLC and BIPAC will conduct surveys to collect employee’s voting answers on ways to address the issues in this business. Lauga and Ofek, (2009) indicates, “Market research may target the smaller niche segment with its innovative efforts this case on BIPAC market research report” (p.375). In this paper, the BIPAC market research analysis will evaluate purpose, research objectives, research design, mixed methodologies, limitations, outcomes and solutions to resolving the problem. It will also cover several aspects and decisions make in the evaluation and consideration of several other sectors deep making strategies the help the customers do their best in product promotion.Purpose of the Study The first purpose of this study is to evaluate the market structure of the BIPAC Market Research report. The second purpose of this study is to describe the types of market structure use for BIPAC case study. The areas to focus in this purpose include purchasing patterns, demand and competition. The third purpose is to identify the internal analysis regarding to employee perceptions relating to their employees; offering key issues impact on the business community. The fourth purpose is to describe the globalized environment. Next, this next section is to evaluate the best research design use to resolve this case study. BIPAC Market Research (2012) reported, “There is a steady increase in concern about the debt as we move up the employment level with the most concern stemming from the executive level. The top two issues with men and women are federal debt/ deficit and unemployment/jobs. Men are more concerned about the debt and women about jobs” (p.6). Other findings can also include Prosperity Project information must have details on everyone’s voting patterns involve numbers of organizations messages with 20.8 respondents from employer to vote either “more often” or “somewhat more often”.Research Objectives The reason to have research objects is to identify what is this case researching for and explain the reason for providing research for this case. It also benefits to research that case can focus on during this BIPAC Market report analysis. The research objectives that will be focus on in this study are: 1) Review the BIPAC Market Research report, 2) define market research relating to this study, 3) explain details about the study, 4) define the research problem of this case and 5) develop research questions that will help understand the cause of the problems and how to resolve the problem. Then, 6) select at least best two methodologies that will benefit the opportunity to conduct the market research in this study, 7) measure amount of respondents that completed the surveys, 8) generate outcomes expected to achieve in this case, 8) offer solutions to resolve this problem in this case study, 9) create a research design that will be useful for resolving this issue in the study, 10) be able to explain the limitations on using each research and other strategies to reduce these issues, 12) use supportive evidence to support this case and 13) examine the cause of this problem in this case study. Scholl, Mulders, S and Drent (2002) indicates, “using research objectives helps to compare results and research process of online communities and face to face communities in order to determine whether qualitative techniques can be used effectively and efficiently online to answer questions or gather enough qualitative depth of insight” (p.211).Research Design Research design consist of strategies help researchers to select different components of the study. This design includes qualitative, qualitative, descriptive exploratory study, sample population and survey concepts in this research of this case. The goal is to conduct marketing research in their survey through an effective perspective into the research design. The questions are examined in scrutinizing and understanding of the research data collection methods and analysis in this market research study. Both sample design and sample are identified for more critical aspects in the entire strategy in this evaluation of the market survey report. Chakrabarti (2010) states, “ Research designing, design process, or product development is taken as the act by which a product is conceived and embodied, starting with the perception of its need” (p.317). This research design allows researchers to define the research problem by using data collection, measurement and analysis data. The types of research designs use in the BIPAC case study are mixed-methodology including qualitative and quantitative research design. In this case of BIPAC Market Report, both research designs cannot generalizable outside the organization. The information used should in the quantitative research makes it easier to collect details if conducting online surveys for a specific audience like the employees at BIPAC regarding to the Prosperity Project websites and located in the United States. The BIPAC report provided a survey in the online platform to determine their main information source and their credibility regarding to other options. Employer or employee information has been main situation of the decisions on platforms that benefits BIPAC for the understanding their important market survey on the policy of a political process of voting. The research approach result to not random, even though the population is evaluated, but the sample size is not present in the report. The best option for the research is to collect information full population. The problems with these research designs are having non-sampling approach may be bias, which results to skewed data results. When conducting surveys, it would be very difficult to gather the information of the results apply another population in this organization. Unfortunately, the research goals relating to the organization indicated to be narrow focused, non-random and descriptive study. Having more than 35 organization response to online survey resulted to decrease bias views from different respondents. BIPAC Market Research (2012) states, “Employees have choices to determine ways their employees can communicate with them majority of 51% of the time by weekly and monthly updates in issues occur in the business community. More than a two to one margin over more email information are greater than three to one over small group events or more in-person meetings. Companies need to work on performing communication with employees, be organized in the community” (p.4). Employer information is the main focus including on any political influence through any market, which leads to more success in this situation. They plan to ensure everyone that the online platforms, websites with political issues. Employers are required to use critical success factor to repair maintenance in the political communications on the website platforms. What is important is that the effective questionnaire response for many employers suggested the information needs and on political issues influence. Some response in this study did show the various aspects on improvements on details in their information and analysis survey. Then, this next section is to evaluate the methodology methods use to resolve this case study.Mixed Methodologies Mixed methodology incorporates qualitative and quantitative in a study, collecting, analyzing in order determining the research problem. Fiegen, Ann (2010) states, “Meta-analysis can be analyzed this case study qualitative study, descriptive study, survey or case study” (p.389). It also focuses on philosophical approaches. In order to use mixed method research is define the challenge and gather effective data from valid source to develop and examine the hypothesis of this case study. The types of findings that will be used are articles, reports, secondary sources, books, magazines and newspapers to gather information that will help with this study. Then, the nest step is to evaluate the data for hidden patterns, analyze findings and present the results to the audience after complete the research. Qualitative and quantitative research is used to resolve this problem regarding to BIPAC Market Research report. The quantitative research will be use to conduct interviews, collect information in order to determine how organizations responded and communicated with employees in this case. If trying to formulate the idea, this would be the best research for this case. Iacobucci, and Churchhill (2010) explains,” The reason it is easier to use samples rather than canvas the entire population is that it complete counts on populations are very costly. Another reason is that using census is very time consuming that the information would be not longer valuable by the time it is completed” (p.282). For instance, conducting interviews are good way to collect data on organizations responded and communicated with employees. Qualitative research can also be used in descriptive study, such as the BIPAC market research study. Without using quantitative research along with this one, it would very difficult to resolve this research study. Bock and Sergeant (2002) indicates, “Sometimes researchers do not always use appropriate the size of the sample when drawing inferences about populations from small samples of data when conducting research in case studies” (p.235). Quantitative research also allows companies to conduct surveys and customer questionnaires, which can help companies to see what products and services need improvement. Quantitative research use to collect numerical data from the phenomena incorporates mathematically methods in research study. Both researches are used to illustrate this case study visually and descriptively approach on this situation. By rating different information sources will help to determine the evidence and having knowledge of media organizations or news companies was unsuccessful for the good information source. This research includes gender compare to age in their research illustrates employers leading information sources offered in the vital information. If the Prosperity Projects is useful, it is good to take advantage on labeling employer’s information for more vital and meaningful information resource with quality and quantity reason to resolve this marketing concept of this study. It is important to increased validity of the research and reduced researcher bias in questions in closed-end study. Respondents and participants focus on using the multiple-choice questions in this study. No information available that provides explanation on reason for starting the voting option in the first place. By having a valid approach for the market research, which leads to lack of scope and research. BIPAC Market Research (2012) also reported, “These responses clearly show that employer communication results in direct, positive action that can influence the political debate as well as the issues and election outcomes that affect a company’s bottom line” (p.5). Voting is good for the market survey and report to increase major outcomes in source issues in good effects towards political change option. This gives the popular personal to rate this election design, however third of the employees votes in the elections has been already been counted in this study. There are half of the defendants organized the voting system previous noticed the company tend to be more motivated information source.Limitations There are research limitations when conduct research for resolving a problem for any case study. Price and Murnan (2004) defined, “Limitations as the part of the study design or instruments in systematic bias, which researchers are unable to control that leads to ineffective results” (p.66). The opposite term for research limitations is research delimitations. Price and Murnan (2004) believe, “this term research delimitations focus on systematic bias of any study design or instrument by researchers. This statement indicates researchers to have control over a delimitation” (p.66). For example, the researchers design a survey for voting on the issues occurred in this business community of the BIPAC market research report. Here are the qualitative researches limitations can occur in this study. One limitation is having overload information and interpretation the linguistic data provided. Another limitation is unstructured techniques, such as depth interviews or group discussions. The third limitation is having non-statistical data, small non-representative case and respondents selected by quota. Here are the quantitative research limitation can occur in this study. One limitation is not using inertial statistics in this case. The second limitation is not examining hypothesis in descriptive and evaluated in nature. The third limitation is having some answers apply to each question on the surveys. The fourth limitation is chances on developing large amount of gaps in the case. The fifth limitation is to undetermined reason respondents answers in unique responses.Outcomes One expected outcome is to exam causes the organization to not alerting the employees on the issues in the Prosperity Project in the business community. Another expected outcome is to use at least two researches that will benefit this research problem of the BIPAC Market Research report including qualitative and quantitative research. The third expected outcome for using qualitative research is exploratory on investigate the research problem and not conclusive and cannot be used to generate population interest without numerical data. Other expected outcomes include developing effective decision on the research problem in this case study. The fifth expected outcome for using quantitative research have ability to use structure techniques including online questionnaires or telephone interviews. Other expected outcomes of using quantitative research including is using this research as an alternative option for the explanation on the causes of the action on this study. The sixth expected outcome is to develop solutions for companies can alert employees on the issues occurring in the business community. The seventh expected outcome is have surveys available by mail, email, fax or website that is more convenient for customers and employees. The eight expected outcome is to predicting successful responses from participants from completing the surveys. The final expected outcome is to all issues resolved in the companies in the business community in this study.Conclusion In conclusion, the BIPAC analysis examined the market research report, research design, methodology, limitations and solutions to resolve the issues on the report. Therefore, the results presented the respondents use the Internet compare to other participants that has no access and does not use the Internet relating to this study. The sample size use in this study benefits the research objectives to evaluated, but the problem for using this option, it would complicated to achieve because of the organization being too small to collect data results. Research objectives also identify the mixed-methodology approach, which must have numerical data to support and offered explanations for answers for employee’s perceptions effectively answered.

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