BUS 207-Sam and John are best friends in their senior year

OverviewFor the Legal Case Study, you are asked to draw conclusions about whether a court will accept a set of arguments between several different parties. To complete this task, you will need to analyze the facts below, identify the issues presented, and research those issues drawing conclusions based on your research.It is expected that your papers be well written and demonstrate critical thinking. Be sure to pay careful attention to spelling and grammar. Your paper should be 2-3 pages in length, single-spaced, and should include the following sections:Facts– This section should be a summary of the facts given in the case study. You should essentially summarize and rewrite the facts using your own words.Issues– This section will identify the issues in the case (there is more than one). Make sure to identify each of the issues in a question (interrogatory) format. For example, “Should XYZ Company be bound by the contract made by its employee, John Smith, where Smith had apparent authority to make the contract?”Rule(s)– This section will state the legal rule under which you are making your decision. You will need to cite all references from which you are getting your law. This is a research project, so you need to be using references other than your book.Application– This is the section where you analyze the facts of the case along with the rules that you researched. You may find that your facts differ from the facts of other cases (articles) you have read. You will need to compare and contrast the information you have found to determine which cases are more like yours. Once you have reviewed the different cases/articles and found which ones are similar to yours, you can determine how you think a judge would decide your case.Conclusion– This section includes the conclusions you have drawn based on your analysis in the application section. i.e., state which party you think would win the issue.Your case study needs to include the above four sections.Alternative OrganizationYou may find it easier to organize your paper by having a rule/application section under each issue, rather than going through the rules for each issue, and then the application for each issue.If you choose to organize your paper like this, your order will appear as follows:Issue IRule IApplication IConclusion I, thenIssue IIRule IIApplication IIConclusion II, etc.In researching your case study, you may use any external resource available to you including the library, online resources, etc. However, you must cite the sources you use for your information. If you fail to cite the sources, it is plagiarism, and you may receive a grade of zero. Note that you are expected to work independently on their case study – this is not a group project.If you have any questions regarding this project, do not hesitate to post a question on the discussion under “General Course Comments/Questions.”Case Study FactsSam and John are best friends in their senior year of high school. Sam is 18 and John is 17. They decide that they should operate a lawn care service for the summer in order to help pay their college tuition costs.Sam and John send out flyers to all the people in their neighborhood offering to cut their grass for $20 a week. Immediately, the Smiths call Sam to set up a service. Sam draws up a contract to complete the mowing at the Smiths’ house once a week through September 15. Sam and the Smiths then both sign the contract. The Johnsons also see the advantages of a lawn service, and John and the Johnsons sign the same contract that Sam had drafted for the Smiths. As the lawn service business is taking off, John purchases a new lawn mower on credit from Mower Supply, Inc., in May.Sam and John work really hard at their new business and soon acquire more and more customers. They set up a schedule which requires them to work long hours, but they are able to complete all of their jobs and overall the customers seem happy with their service. Unfortunately, the Johnsons lose their jobs in July and are no longer able to pay Sam and John for the lawn service. Sam and John contend they have a contract and continue to cut the Johnsons lawn weekly.By the end of the summer Sam and John are exhausted from the long hours they have been working. On one such day, Sam leaves his lawn mower running at the Smiths while he leaves to get a drink of water. A neighborhood boy comes over and pushes the lawn mower across the Smiths flower bed and through their screened in porch causing damage to the flowerbed, and breaking the screen to the porch.John is so mad when he sees what happened he punches Sam. Sam and John decide they can no longer work together and call off the lawn service business. John stops making payments on the mower, and tells Mower Supply, Inc., that he made a mistake and has no intention of paying the rest of the amount owed. Sam wants to continue servicing the clients but without a lawn mower is unable to do so.Make sure to address each question in your case study:How many arguments can you find to assist Sam, John, the Smiths, the Johnsons, and Mower Supply Inc.? Remember that Sam, John, the Smiths, the Johnsons, and Mower Supply Inc., have different interests.Do you think that a court would accept any of their arguments?How would you rule?You must support your answer with your research. Frame your response as indicated under the Project Overview section.

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