The Anonymous Community has been in the global news

Read the case study linked below. After reading the case study, you will have to prepare a response from two viewpoints. The first viewpoint will be that of a patrol officer assigned to foot patrol. The second viewpoint will be that of a community member who has lived in the community for 25 years. From each viewpoint, you are to answer the following questions and provide justification for your answers:Does the broken windows theory apply to the Anonymous Communityscenario? Why, or why not?? How did the process of assimilation impact the relationship between the police and the Anonymous Community?? What strategies could police use to improve communication with the diverse population in the Anonymous Community?? What activities could police engage in to better understand the Anonymous Communityand to encourage the involvement of the Anonymous Communitymembers in community policing strategies?You will also need to provide a summarization paragraph that includes the following:? Identify which lens was the most difficult to answer the questions from, and why.? Identify any aspect of the scenario to which information shared in the textbook could not be applied.Must be labelLens 1: Patrol Officer,? Lens 2: Community Member, and? Summary.350 word mim. minimum of 350 wordsAnonymous Community ScenarioThe Anonymous Community has been in the global news lately because of its unique location in thecenter of its city, its cultural diversity, and its gang problem. The Anonymous Community is located in a 5mi.² radius in the heart of Progressive City. This community has consistently been criticized by membersof Progressive City because of the condition of the houses, schools, businesses, and infrastructure of thecommunity. Many of the houses and businesses in the Anonymous Community are over one hundredyears old and are in need of serious repair. The infrastructure in this community has not been upgraded inover 50 years. Citizens of Progressive City have actively pushed the Modern State to condemn theAnonymous Community so that Progressive City can bulldoze the community and turn it into a city park.The Modern State has refused to condemn the Anonymous Community because it is a historiccommunity and is one of the most diverse communities in the world. Progressive CityAnonymousCommunity There are many members of the Anonymous Community who still live their lives in the same manner thatmembers of the community lived their lives when the community was founded over 100 years ago.However, there are some members of the community (middle-aged and youth) who have chosen to fullyassimilate into the Progressive City culture. Most of the community members who have assimilated arelaw-abiding citizens. However, there are a few of the assimilated members of the community who haveformed a gang and are engaged in criminal activity (primarily related to illicit drugs) in the AnonymousCommunity and in Progressive City. The gang activity that has originated in Anonymous Community andoverflowed into Progressive City has added additional tension to the relationship between members of theAnonymous Community and the Progressive City.Several news outlets on the local, state, national, and international levels have begun reporting about thehappenings in the Anonymous Community on an almost daily basis. The Anonymous Community hasbeen portrayed as a community plagued by crime and as a community whose members do not seem tocare about the condition of their community. Local law enforcement has been portrayed as a containmentforce that uses militaristic tactics to keep crime from the Anonymous Community from spilling over intoProgressive City. This media coverage has put tremendous pressure on the members of the AnonymousCommunity and local law enforcement to address the “substantive issues” in the Anonymous Community.Several community forums have occurred in which local law enforcement and members of theAnonymous Community have come together to discuss establishing a relationship between thecommunity and law enforcement that will result in a collaborative effort to address the gang problem inthe community. The initial community forums consisted of heated discussions about: 1) the perceived militaristic presence of law enforcement in the Anonymous Community and the perceived gatekeepingrole that law enforcement played for the Progressive City; and 2) the perceived unwillingness of membersof the Anonymous Community to assist law enforcement in investigating crimes that occurred in theAnonymous Community….munication between law enforcement and community members in the Anonymous Communitybegan to improve after one of the most historic buildings in the city was vandalized by the gang thatoriginated in the Anonymous Community and one of the eldest members of the community was seriouslyinjured during the vandalism. The building was used as a school for students with disabilities and wasconsidered the best school in the Anonymous Community. The school had seen an increase in thenumber of fights, theft of school equipment, vandalism, and suspensions related to illicit drugs. As aresult, overall school attendance had significantly decreased. School administrators were able to connectthe increase in violence, crime, vandalism, and suspension related to illicit drugs at the school to theenrollment of several members of the gang that originated in the Anonymous Community; however, theyhad been unable to develop a plan to address the issues.As a result of the improved communications between law enforcement and members of the AnonymousCommunity, law enforcement and members of the Anonymous Community agreed to implement variouscommunity policing strategies that would improve the relationship between the community and lawenforcement, and reduce crime in the Anonymous Community. The implemented community policingstrategies included increased foot patrols, community sponsored youth activities, gang awarenessprogramming, and restorative justice community service programs for the Anonymous Communitymembers convicted of non-violent and violent crimes. Members of the Anonymous Community, lawenforcement, and members of Progressive City also formed a coalition for addressing criminal activity inboth communities. This coalition also requested federal funding to assist with the restoration of thebuildings, houses, schools, and infrastructure in the Anonymous Community as a way to demonstrate thatthere is a sense of care and concern for the community.

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