Arabic Film and Media – Final Research Paper1

Arizona State UniversityArabic Film and MediaFinal Research Paper1Paper Assignment: A Detailed Film PaperTo write an effective Film Paper you need to study carefully chapter 12, “PuttingIt Together” of your assigned book, Media Studies. The chapter leads you stepby step to writing a good Film Paper. See also the footnote below for a generaldescription of a Research Paper.Requirements:-Your topic must be related to the main focus of this class “Arabic Film andMedia,” choose one Film or Media Documentary to analyze using thecomponents described in chapter 12.-Paper Length: 8 – 10 double-spaced pages.-Show clear understanding of research methods as well as purpose andaudience.-Use MLA (Modern Language Association) writing format. Consult the ModernLanguage Association Handbook latest edition.- To avoid unintentional plagiarism, all sources used must be properlydocumented within your paper, with a bibliography or a works cited page at theend.-You also need to use a cover page based on MLA.-Due date: Last Day of Class: Thursday, December 1, 2016.- You must adhere strictly to these requirements in order for you to receive fullcredit for this important assignment that carries 40% of your Final Gradesignificantly.Best of Luck! 1 In general, writing a research paper involves familiarizing yourself with the works of experts inthe field of a given subject (Arabic Film and Media here), such works are expressed in scholarlybooks, articles, or through interviews, to build upon what you know about the subject, comparingtheir thoughts on the topic, and eventually coming up with your own insightful conclusion. Thefinal paper will be a unique and appropriate reflection on evidence you have located in yourresearch, and a touch of insights generated from your own thought. Given that for this class youare assigned to write a Film Paper, use research as needed and adhere mainly to the descriptionof a Film Paper detailed in chapter 12 of your book, Film Studies.

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