1. Professional email etiquette is of the utmost importance in the business world. Most businesses run on email; however, I find that most of my students are still very unaware of what a professional email looks and sounds like. Please use the chapter in the book as your reference (or google professional email writing) to explain and describe the following parts of an email:
    • a professional subject line
    • a professional salutation
    • a professional tone for business emails
    • a professional closing and signature 
  2. Please name three repercussions you may face in the business world if you write unprofessional emails (replete with grammar errors, no subject line, no signature, using text language).
  3. Lastly, I have set up an email scenario, and want you to write a professional email to fit the scenario.
    • Scenario: You took a freshman history course at a community college (BPCC). You are now at LSUS, and the chair of your department told you that a BPCC history course cannot be used to substitute for a liberal arts general requirement credit, which has upset you. Since the department chair refused your request, you must escalate the issue to the dean. In this discussion post, please email the dean asking him/her to award the three hours of course credit that your chair denied. You must include a subject line, salutation, body of the email, closing remark, and signature. You must use a professional tone, proper grammar, and proper punctuation. Grammar is essential. Use Grammarly!

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