Education Edu 512 week 2 assignment

create a table of three columns and five rows in which you identify the similarities and differences of the five dimensions of multicultural education.
The dimensions you will use are:

  • Content Integration.
  • Knowledge Construction Process.
  • Prejudice Reduction.
  • Equity Pedagogy.
  • Empowering School Culture and Social Structure.

Complete the following:

  • Clearly delineate (describe) a minimum of three ways in which the dimensions are alike.
  • Describe a minimum of three ways in which the dimensions are different.
  • discuss a two-paragraph rationale in which you explain your similarities and differences.
  • Create a professional philosophy diagram of multicultural education 

My Philosophy: A Demonstration Avoid Direct Discrimination

Beware of discrimination perception

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Avoid policies that put a person at a disadvantage

Avoid indirect discrimination

Never treat someone unfavorably because of something connected

with their disability

Create content that reflects the classroom

Create a classroom environment that visually reflects diversity

Teach students the meaning of equality

Utilizes technology as much as possible

Allow students to work in groups to problem solve and create

Multicultural Education

My Philosophy

of Multicultural


Equal learning opportunity for all students

Celebrating diversity and empowering


Fostering inclusivity and

promoting equity

Broader social reform and engaged

citizen students

My Personal Multicultural Philosophy Diagrams

  • Philosophy Diagram Example 1
  • Philosophy diagram Example 2
  • Philosophy diagram Example 3

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