What is unique about Sao Paulo, Brazil?

The Greatest Movie Ever Sold

Worksheet Questions II:

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12. What is unique about Sao Paulo, Brazil? What is your reaction to how the city looks? Do you find it more or less appealing in the way it looks than, say, Los Angeles?

13. What is neuromarketing? Explain your understanding of what this technique is.

14. In the film, Ralph Nader states that corporations have “commercialized childhood. They are now raising our children. McDonald’s feeds them. Disney entertains them. People are learning about the world, based on what is best for corporations.” Do you believe that is true? Explain briefly.

15. What does Susan Linn, author of
Consuming Kids, suggest that advertising is doing to children? What is your reaction to her statement?

16. Spurlock speaks with school districts that, due to financial issues, are permitting brands and services to advertise in/on their property. How are schools implementing advertising to raise funds and supplement programs? (List a few ways shown/mentioned.)

17. What is Channel One, and about how many schools does it show in? Did your high school have Channel One? What is your reaction to Channel One, whether you had it in high school, or if you only know about it from the film?

18. Spurlock addresses the need for brands to pair themselves with musicians in co-promotions. He speaks with Donald Trump (who at the time was host of
The Apprentice and a real estate mogul) and various musicians on this issue. Why do corporations need musicians/music in their advertisements? Why do musicians/artists partner with brands? (Basically, what does each side get out of having music put into promotions?)

19. Spurlock walks with Michael Levine, founder of a PR firm. What does Levine say he realized about credibility? What mantra does this mean that bands, celebrities, corporations, and so on have?

20. How does Spurlock promote his movie? Where does he go? What does he do? How does he advertise? Give specific examples that are shown in the ending scenes.

21. What is Spurlock’s final statement about the world of advertising, said while you see a few scenes on a TV screen, and as he walks with his son for a few seconds?

22. Even though this sheet introduces you to the three elements of argument,
TGMES actually doesn’t make a bold, scathing argument against (or for) the advertising industry. Its argument(s) are more gentle and subtle. Why do you think
TGMES can’t be a strong condemnation of advertising and marketing, even as it shows the inside aspects of the industry?o

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