Literature Review/Synthesis

Literature Review/Synthesis

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Once you have thoroughly learned your studies (this is where the Table of Evidence you did previously will help you!), you need to communicate to your readers the level and quality of literature that was reviewed. The synthesis is a description of the entire body of literature that you have reviewed that supports your EBP project.  


Literature Synthesis = (100 points)

Purpose/Objective of this assignment is to:

1. Provide a 

synthesis and analysis

 of previously selected articles through a systematic review.

2. Evaluate the findings, identifying gaps in knowledge and implications for future research.


Assignment requirements: Students will utilize the articles selected to write a 

6 to 7 page
 review of the literature on the selected topic. Additional research articles may be included if necessary. (
Note that this is the first section of a two-section paper. (A 4 – 5-page paper discussing the clinical implications of the literature review findings on nursing practice will follow this literature review. See Assignment – Clinical Project: Clinical Implications Paper.) Include a background section.

1. Articles will be reviewed in an integrated manner. Summarize and provide a detailed synthesis of the information from all of your studies as it relates to the topic of interest.


Must provide a synthesis and critical analysis of research designs, methodologies, sampling, independent and dependent variables, research findings, threats to reliability and validity. Discussion to include trends, areas of commonalities and differences in approaches.

3. Discuss outcomes and findings

4. All information must be cited and referenced appropriately.

5. Paper will utilize all appropriate APA 7th Ed guidelines for intro, conclusion, citations, references, document organization, formatting, academic language, and grammar. 
First person is not appropriate in this paper.


Topic: In mechanically ventilated patients in the ICU (P), does an oral care protocol using chlorhexidine mouthwash (I) compared to routine oral care (C) reduce the incidence of ventilator-associated pneumonia (O) over six months (T)?

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