Find an article which describes a current, recent, or historical event that, in your opinion, has implications for organizational behavior principles

Attached are the instructions as well as an example with the article that was used 

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MGMT999 James Bishop

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Prepare your written case in the following way:

I. Find an article which describes a current, recent, or historical event that, in your opinion, has implications for organizational behavior principles. This is very open ended. Feel to free ask questions. Construct your paper as follows.

1. The header will contain the course number (e.g., MGMT999), group member names, and page numbers.

2. Center the citation (i.e., where you obtained the article) on the first line.

3. The rest of your paper will consist of three parts. Use the following headings. Print them in bold.


The summary of the article will contain
no more than 500 words. Word count will be determined by the word count feature in MS Word.

Importance to the Study of Organizational Behavior.

Start on a separate page.


In this section you will connect the contents of your article to concepts or theories described in the text. Make five (5) such connections. Each connection should be based upon one or more concepts or theories from the text. Together these connections should cover all three levels of analysis upon which the course is based and come from the chapters associated with them.

The levels of analysis and their associated chapters are presented in the table of contents: Taken together,
the five connections must not exceed a total of 1000 words.

Individual contributions.

i. Start on a separate page.

ii. Each individual will be scored from 0 to 100. A score of 100 means the individual contributed what they agreed to contribute.

4. Competently done links will have the following characteristics.

i. Name of the concept, phenomenon, or theory from the text that you are using. Be specific.

ii. Definition of the concept. Use the exact definition from the text.

iii. How is it connected to the article? That is, what event, issue, or circumstance in your article are you addressing. Use examples.

iv. Why is this connection important?

5. Following is an example of a competently constructed link (or connection).

(Group level) Anderson should strive for the rapid development of high group
performance norms,1 the minimization of
social loafing,1 and high team
cohesiveness1. Norms are acceptable standards of behavior within a group that are shared by its members. Performance norms are, therefore, acceptable standards of behavior that relate to performance. Social loafing is the tendency for individuals to expend less effort when working collectively than when working individually. Cohesiveness is the degree to which group members are attracted to each other and are motivated to stay in the group. Anderson should strive to eliminate social loafing. This shouldn’t be a problem since Anderson hand-picked each member of the team. Most importantly, Anderson should strive for high performance norms and high cohesiveness for his team. Research has shown that high group cohesiveness in conjunction with high performance norms result in high group productivity. Anderson needs high productivity for the team to meet its objectives and it must do so rapidly because a strict deadline is in place.

1. Ch. 9: Foundations of Group Behavior.

II. Naming convention and Format of the Case: An


format and naming convention are required. A consistent naming convention allows the recipient to easily sort, store, and find your submission.

1. Use Times New Roman 12 point font, double space, one (1) inch margins all around.

Put page numbers in the header of all pages in the upper right corner.

3. Do not exceed the word count. Papers that exceed the word count will be returned. Word count will be determined by the Word Count feature in Word.

4. Post your paper on Canvas.

Include a machine readable (docx or PDF format) copy of your article. Do not send URLs. Name the file in the following way.

6. Spelling and grammar are extremely important.


your work.

III. Where to find the subject of your case:

1. Current and recent issues of the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Forbes, Barron’s, newspapers, trade journals, and others.

2. Television may give you a clue. But you need to find a written source and cite it accurately in order to (1) confirm details and (2) allow others to look the item up.

3. The Internet is usually a bad idea. Internet sources


be approved by the instructor.

Academic studies and articles from academic journals generally do not work well.

IV. When/where to turn in your case: Email your paper and a copy of your article to me before the date due.

V. Submit only one (1) case per group copying all group members.


Make use of my example


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