develop a written script for a 3-5 minute podcast

develop a written script for a 3-5 minute podcast (about 450-650 words). Your podcast can be just you speaking alone, an interview with a friend or family member, a panel interview where you talk to 3 or 4 people, or even in play format with several characters. Choose one of these topics for your podcast.

  • Music Genre, Artist, or Album: Write a podcast script in which you will teach your audience about a specific music genre, artist, or album. Using the rhetorical devices, persuade your listeners that  the genre, artist, album is noteworthy. (You may include musical examples, but if the music is copyrighted, you may not use more than a 30 second clip for educational purposes.)
  • Find at least three (3) credible sources to include in your podcast.
  1. Plan how your will incorporate and use these sources to support your ideas and to provide evidence. You will use quotations, statistics, and other salient information from these sources in your podcast.
  2. Find 2-3 sound bites for your podcast. Choose non-copyrighted music or audio. You may use 30 seconds or less of copyrighted music for educational purposes. See these web pages for sound effects
  • Begin the script with the title and date of the podcast. Introduce the topic and the speakers in an inviting and engaging way. 
  • Main Points: State, support, and persuade your audience. Use sources from your research to support your opinions. Include a SPOKEN reference to the source within the sentence. (For more tips on incorporating quotes, see UNC’s webpage on QuotationsLinks to an external site..)
  • Ending: End with brief thoughtful comments to wrap up the show and remind the audience of your main claim. Thank your guest(s) for the interview and thank the audience for listening. Add a music or audio clip in your closing

Format the Script 

  • Format the text of your script like the one you looked at for the podcast “The Haunting Effects of Going Days Without Sleep.”Links to an external site. 
  • Sources: Add a MLA formatted Works Cited page on a separate page at the end of your script. Include MLA formatted citations for all sources, including the sound bites.
  • Sound: Include 2-3 sound bites in the script. Indicate where each sound bite will be in the script. Use parentheses to show the sound location and include a description of the sound, for example (Sound bite of Applause).

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