Business Finance – Economics Research Assignment of an Industry

Check the below document for details.

Assignment: Applied Research Paper on an Industry

Topic: Food delievry industry in Canada.

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This is an Managerial Economics class. So, everything should be written as Managerial Economics perspective. The point of this assignment is that you should be able to analyse the whole industry in that region based on the following items. And you can use an example of a specific company, eg, Uber Eats.

o Internal Rivalry within the industry
o Potential Entrants into the industry
o Suppliers’ Market Power
o Buyers’ Market Power
o Substitutes and Complements

An executive summary must be included in the paper.

Length: 14 pages double spaced, APA style.

Important notes: Do not just simply just answer each questions. Write everything down smoothly as a paper format. E.g like u r writing an annual report.

You must use academic resources to prove your point. Google scholar is suggested. Do not use any A.I writing tools, such as, Chatgpt, etc.

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