Which of the following tissues is avascular

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Which of the following tissues is avascular?muscle tissuedense irregular connective tissuebone and cartilageepithelial and cartilagenervous tissue and boneOne might expect to see microvilli on epithelial tissues whose principal functin is:mineral storageabsorptionmovementtransmission of electrical impulsesprotectionTransitional Epithelium is found in the:air sacs of the lungsurinary bladderupper respiratory tractlining of heart and blood vesselsskinGoblet cells producemucussweatmilkdigestive enzymeshormonesWhich one of the following does not have an abundance of collagen fibers?cartilage of the external eardermis of skinAchilles tendoncartilage of the nosepatellar ligamentAll glands that release their products by way of ducts, rather than directly into the bloodstream, are called ___ glands.endocrineapocrineholocrineautocrineexocrineCilia are most likely to be seen on ___ epithelium.pseudostratifiedstratified squamoussimple squamoustransitionalstratified cuboidalWhich two muscle types are controlled involuntarily?cardiac and skeletalskeletal and smoothintestinal and skeletalsmooth and cardiacstriated and smoothWhich of the following is/are voluntary muscle?smooth muscleskeletal musclevisceral musclecardiac muscleintestinal muscle___ are single mucus-secreting cells found in the epithelia of many mucous membranes.Mast cellsMyocytesHistiocytesGoblet cellsEndocrine cellsThe epidermal water barrier is formed at the point where epidermal cellsexfoliatepass from stratum baslae to stratum basalsenter the telogen phasepass from stratum spinosum to stratum granulosumform the epidermal ridgesThe hairs growth center can be found in theits cortex.the arrector pili.the epithelial root sheath.matrixthe dermal papilla.An individual has a yellowing of both the skin and whites of the eyes. The individual most likely has _____, which is caused by high levels of _____ in the blood.enythema, oxygen-rich hemoglobinjaundice, bilirubinbronzing, carotenepallor, melanincyanosis, oxygen-poor hemoglobinIn cold weather, ___ may result from reduced blood circulation through the skin.cyanosisjaundiceerythemahemangiomahypothermiaThis layer contains areolar and adipose connective tissue, has a tendency to store fat, and is an area where drugs are commonly injected because of its high vascularity.hyperdermishypodermispapillary layer of dermisepidermisreticular layer of dermisSelect the most correct statement concerning skin cancer.squamus cell carcinomas arise from the stratum corneummost tumors that arise on the skin are malignantnone of the abovebasil cell carcinomas are the least common but most malignantmalignant melanomas arise from melanocytes or a preexisting mole and must be removed quickly to prevent them from matastasizingThe contraction of the piloerector muscles (arrector pili) in humans causesgeneration of heat to raise the body temperature.hairs to stand on end with no apparent function.increased ability to feel pain.hairs to stand on end trapping air, which is used as insulation.hairs to stand on end to make the individual appear bigger.The epithelium of the epidermis is best described askeratinized stratified squamous.keratinized stratified cuboidal.callused stratified squamous.nonkeratinized stratified cuboidal.nonkeratinized stratified squamous.When a fair-skinned person blushes, why does his or her skin turn red?the blood supply to the skin decreasesthe blood supply to the skin increasesthe number of red melanocytes in the skin increasesmelanocytes increase production of red pigmentincreased heat causes the skin to turn redIn thin skin, the ___ is absent.hypodermispapillary layer of the dermisstratum lucidum of the epidermisstratum corneum of the epidermisreticular layer of the dermisTissue that is specialized for the conduction of electrical impulses is ________ tissue.connectiveareolarneuralosseousepithelialAccumulations of fluid within the epidermis or between the epidermis and the dermis is/are calledscars.pus.blisters.keloids.scabs.Microscopic examination of a tissue reveals a loose framework of fibers embedded in a large volume of fluid ground substance and adipocytes and mast cells fibers. This tissue would most likely have come from thebony socket of the eye.lungs.spleen.inner wall of a blood vessel.superficial fascia between skin and muscle.A child who skins his knee in a fall has a(n)contusion.laceration.puncture.abrasion.incision.The cuticle around a nail is theperinychium.hyponychium.lunula.free edge.eponychium.Cells that engulf bacteria or cell debris within loose connective tissue aremacrophages.mast cells.adipocytes.fibroblasts.melanocytes.The ________ in keratinocytes protects the epidermis and dermis from the harmful effects of sunlight.carotenemelaninsebumkeratinhemoglobinThe skin appearance that results from dark-red hemoglobin is calledcyanosis.pallor.freckles.jaundice.erythema.Which of the following connective tissue cells produces collagen?lymphocytesmacrophagesadipocytesfibroblastsmast cellsThe serous membrane lining the abdominal cavity is thepericardium.peritoneum.pleura.periosteum.perichondrium.Rapid water loss from burned skin is an extreme form of ________ perspiration.insensibleimprudentnon-senseimpracticalvacuousWatery perspiration is an example of a(n) ________ secretion.merocrineserousmucousapocrineholocrineThe pigment found in vegetables that can make the skin appear orange or yellow is calledhemoglobin.carotenekeratin.melanin.cadmium.notsureAntibodies are produced byfibroblasts.mast cells.plasma cells.microphages.macrophages.The most common type of cartilage is ________ cartilage.hyalineligamentousfibrousosseouselasticThe muscle tissue that shows no striations is ________ muscle.multinucleatedcardiacvoluntarysmoothskeletalWhich of the following refers to the dense connective tissue that surrounds a muscle and blends with the tendon?subserous fasciasuperficial fasciasubcutaneous layerdeep fasciahypodermisA gland formed by cells arranged in a blind pocket with a single unbranched duct would be calledcompound tubular.simple tubular….pound alveolar.tubuloalveolar.simple alveolar.Cells that are specialized for secretionare found only in the digestive system.have a free surface that is flat.are usually squamous.exhibit polarity.have a small nucleusThe term transudate describes fluid associated withmucus membranes.serous membranes.mammary glands.cutaneous membranes.endocrine glands.If a person is homozygous for a certain trait, he or she haspolygenic inheritance of that trait.identical loci for that gene.homologous chromosomes for that trait.haploid genes for that trait.identical alleles for that gene.You may check the remaining time you have at any point while taking the quiz by pressing the keyboard combination SHIFT, ALT, and T… Again: SHIFT, ALT, and T…Top of Form2016-11-11T22:44:39-05:00 2016-11-11T23:34:07-05:00 2016-11-11T23:44:39-05:00 2016-11-14T23:59:59-05:00 60 632Move To… This element is a more accessible alternative to drag & drop reordering. Press Enter or Space to move this question.Flag this QuestionQuestion 42 2 ptsEdit this Question Delete this Question0 multiple_choice_question 820165In the nucleotide or base sequence of the DNA strand uses as a template for mRNAsynthesis is ACGTT, then the sequence of ases in the correspongd mRNA would beIn the nucleotide or base sequence of the DNA strand uses as a template for mRNAsynthesis is ACGTT, then the sequence of ases in the correspongd mRNA would benone of the aboveTGCAAACGTTUGCAAGUCAAIn a cell cycle, a cell leaving the M phase has ______ DNA molecules, while a cell leaving the S phase has _____ DNA molecules.46; 9246; 2346; 4623; 2323; 46When the mRNA leaves the nucleus after the transcription phase of protein synthesis, it will enter the cell cytoplasm and bind with?smooth ERperoxisomesthe cytoskeletonlysosomesa ribosomeEach daughter cell resulting from mitotic cell division has exactly as many chromosomes as the parents.TrueFalseThe function of tRNA is to bring specific amino acids to the growing peptide chain during tranlation.TrueFalseThe process of translation producesDNA.tRNA.pre-mRNA.a polypeptide.rRNA.Transcription occurs in the ______, while most translation occurs in the _____.Bottom of Form

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