What is the primary purpose (or purposes) of this organ system

Writea 750-1,200 word paper discussing the evolutionary changes associated with human organ systems (see list below – students to be assigned topics during week one)….pare and contrast the human system with another organism (non-primate) with alternative anatomic structures that perform the same function. NOTE that the assignment is not intended to be just a discussion of the human system, you need to contrast to some other organism of your choice other than primates. The best comparisons tend to arise from comparing organisms that perform the same function through markedly different anatomic/physiologic means. For example, a human and a worm both have a neurologic reaction to noxious chemical but they process the information in entirely different fashions, based on the organization of the organisms being compared.Performresearch beyond your textbook, using peer-reviewed sources from the UOPx library. Include at least three peer-reviewed sources on your paper. The Library contains eBooks, multimedia and journals that will help you complete this assignment.Address the following questions as you do your analysis:1) What is the primary purpose (or purposes) of this organ system?2) What are the components of the organ system?3) How does the organ system function to accomplish the primary mission?4) What happens when something goes wrong (describe what happens and the consequences)?5) Can you envision when this change (something going wrong) would ever provide an evolutionary advantage? Why or why not? (explain your answer)Format your references consistent with APA guidelines, paying particular attention to appropriate in-text citations with the references listed at the end.Submit your completed assignment to your individual assignment link.Topics (to be selected during the first night of class)3) Kidneys and the urinary system

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