UOP CJA324 Juvenile Justice Process and Corrections

Resource:Juvenile Justice Process and Corrections, and Risk Assessment Case Studies.Read the instructions in the “Juvenile Justice Process and Corrections” and the “Risk Assessment Case Studies”in the Student Materials section of this Assignment, complete your assignment as specified. Include at least four peer reviewed references.Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines, and the How to Write a Formal/APA Paper document and the How to Structure APA Headings document, both of which are found in the Syllabus under the Week 1 tab. Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment and the guidelines found in this classroom in the Recommended section, entitled How to Write a Formal/APA Formatted Paper and How to Format APA Headings.Week 4 Individual Paper Instructions for Juvenile Justice Process and CorrectionsRead the Risk Assessment Case Studies document located in the same Assignment Section for Student Materials. Select one of the case studies as the foundation for this assignment. Once you have selected the case study, complete the following assignment:Develop a 700- to 1,050-word paper based on your selected juvenile offender.Address the following in your assignment:Identify, define, explain and completely describe the following steps/hearings of the process the juvenile will follow after arrest/booking:1. Intake;2. Detention Hearing;3. Fitness/Waiver Hearing;4. Adjudication Hearing;5. Disposition Hearing.The process should be based on actual state laws and practices of your state or a state in which you are familiar. However, if your state could charge the offender as an adult based on age, then use the age which is the first year under the age of majority for that state. Also, DO NOT waive or transfer this offender to adult court, but describe the juvenile hearing which would consider the waiver, but ultimately not waive the juvenile to adult court. Do not assume any facts at all, and there is NO confession, plea bargain, agreements, diversion, or any other factor which would prevent the case from going all the way through the disposition hearing.Include a brief corrections plan (do not personalize with your opinion) to the Judge, which includes the theories relied upon for each item of correction. You must only use programs which would be available to the Judge in the disposition of the case, so that rules out “diversion” programs of all kinds.Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines and all guidelines posted in this class, including the How to Write document and the How to Structure APA Formatted Headings document.Warning: If you mainly depend on general information about the juvenile process as published by your state/county, you will not have sufficient in depth explanation/description of the hearings. Use academic resources in order to have a well researched college level APA formatted paper.

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