UMUC GVPT280 assignemnts

Analytical Paper # 2: Descriptions instructionsPaper
# 2 will be no fewer than 6 pages and no more than 8 pages in length,
double-spaced in 12-point font. Essays are to be submitted in Microsoft
Word only.In
general, this essay will demonstrate your ability to compare and
contrast varying systems of government as given in the course textbook.
Your instructor may choose a topic on current events that demonstrate
concepts from the course materials. Each essay should be analytical in
nature, meaning that students use materials provided from the textbook,
modules, and conferences as supports for original arguments in answering
the question. Essays are not meant to be opinion pieces, but should be
as professional as possible and written in the third person. Students
should use APA-style in-text citations to the readings throughout the
essay to demonstrate comprehension and assimilation of the course
materials. A quotation or idea from the textbook should be clearly cited
as, for example, (McCormick, 258), meaning that you found the
information in the McCormick textbook on page 258.Essay # 2 Topic- Relations between USA and MexicoFind
below topic for Assignment # 2 which is a comparative analysis of the
USA and Mexico. Its due end of Week 7 – Sunday midnight.In
the multi-faceted relations between the United States and Mexico their
respective political systems are challenged by cross border issues
affecting and sometimes even polluting ‘the state to state and people to
people relations’.Write
a paper on how the two governments can collaborate and find solutions
to issues that negatively affect their relations in respect to the
following issues:- Legal and illegal migration;- the flow; demand and supply of cheap labor from Mexico to the USA and- Cross border drug trade and crime.Due: End of Week 7 – Sunday midnight EST.The research paper should be no more than 6 -8 pages in length (double-spaced), with approximately 8 outside sources.

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