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Week 6 discussion
Learning Activity 1
This week, we look at leadership from the manager’s
perspective and explore the differences from looking at leadership from a
leader’s perspective. Managers focus on
process, procedure, and implementation of the organization’s purpose. A manager’s perspective is about getting the
job done and keeping stability. The
leader’s mindset is about change and moving workers toward the organization’s
vision. The area of overlap comes in
terms of the need to use “soft or people skills” to get their job done. It is said that a manager motivates while a
leader empowers.
In the following five quotes each leader is commenting on
the perspective of a manager in an organization as opposed to a leader.
Define the difference between a manager’s mindset and a
leader’s mindset.
Using the readings for the week, reflect and explain the
meaning of each quote. and how each
quote relates to a manager’s or leader’s mindset.
“Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the
right things.”
Peter Drucker
“Leadership is working with goals and vision; management is
working with objectives.”
Russell Honore
“When a management with a reputation for brilliance tackles
a business with a reputation for bad economics, it is the reputation of the
business that remains intact.”
Warren Buffett
“Good management is the art of making problems so
interesting and their solutions so constructive that everyone wants to get to
work and deal with them.”
Paul Hawken
“Management is nothing more than motivating other people.”

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