Toyota Corporation Customer Relations Management

Interview: After completing your assigned readings for this week, interview someone who has a customer relations/customer service role, or responsibility where the person has organizational responsibility and knowledge of the company’s customer relations policies. This person could be in your own organization, or in any other company. Ask the interviewee to describe the role and importance of customer relations/customer service to the organization, and the top three customer relations/customer service issues faced by the organization. In case of a last minute conflict, it is best to have a second choice lined up.Supporting Research: Based on what you learned in the interview, you’ll conduct online research using scholarly resources, which can be found in the DeVry Online Library (available under Course Home) and online research sources such as Google. Locate at least four articles (two must be from scholarly resources) that discuss the current business climate for this company for inclusion as sources for your paper. What are current trends in this business (or in the overall industry of which this business is a member) that might impact customer service, customer satisfaction, or customer loyalty positively or negatively?ExamplesToyota is a business in the auto industry. Customers want safe cars. Recently, Toyota had a series of setbacks from brakes failures to acceleration issues. Toyota has a history of great customer relations, but now appears to have to reshape its image. Other car companies are using safety and quality messaging against Toyota (insert accurate APA in-text source citation here). Toyota needs to address its customer service programs and customer relations for both existing customers and potential new customers.Yume, the owner of a local Thai restaurant, has recently introduced a customer loyalty program where customers earn points for purchases that can be redeemed for free food and drinks; and customers love it! The American Restaurant Association says that loyalty programs are growing in popularity, especially in small boutique establishments, where there is a more personal connection between the owner and the customer (insert accurate APA in-text source citation here). Yume’s customers are very loyal and very satisfied, so since service improvement may not be entirely necessary, she may be able to expand her relationship with her customers by selling her sauces and cookbooks to her customers. This venture may also attract new customers!Potential Research Sources:Hoovers….Moody’s online databaseEbscohostABI/Inform databaseNetLibraryEach of these resources contain business articles and other resources that may assist you in answering the case study questions.Analysis and Recommendations: Using what you’ve learned from the interview and your research, analyze the customer service environment at this company. How can customer service be improved? What are your recommendations to this company based on what you’ve learned?Additional requirements: Prepare a 750 word (minimum) paper addressing these questions, using APA style and formatting. Pay particular attention to the accurate citation of your interview source, and your secondary research sources. Full contact information for your interview source (interviewee name, company name, phone, and email address) is required, and should be included as a separate Appendix page following your Reference page.Week 1: Conduct Interview.equella.ecollege…./file/385fc764-1e40-4f73-8da2-a789819f66d5/9/BUSN258_W3_CaseStudy.html#top”>Back to TopDuring Week 1, you should decide who you are going to interview for the case study, make arrangements for the interview, and conduct the interview.Week 2: Conduct Research.equella.ecollege…./file/385fc764-1e40-4f73-8da2-a789819f66d5/9/BUSN258_W3_CaseStudy.html#top”>Back to TopDuring Week 2, you should be conducting your online research and begin to write your paper.Week 3: Write and Submit Case Study 1.equella.ecollege…./file/385fc764-1e40-4f73-8da2-a789819f66d5/9/BUSN258_W3_CaseStudy.html#top”>Back to TopDuring Week 3, you’ll finish writing your paper. For APA format guidance, please refer to the APA Tutorial in the Syllabus. Ensure that the body of your paper, excluding cover page and sources, exceeds the 750-word count minimum, and that all of the assignment requirements have been met. Then, submit your paper.Guidelines.equella.ecollege…./file/385fc764-1e40-4f73-8da2-a789819f66d5/9/BUSN258_W3_CaseStudy.html#top”>Back to TopCase Study FAQHere are some Frequently Asked Questions about this assignment.Q1. I don’t know anyone in customer relations/service, or my company doesn’t have a customer service function. What do I do?A: Find someone with customer relations/service responsibility, in any business, anywhere. You may have to get on the phone and make some calls. Tell them you are a college student and need 10 minutes of their time. People are almost always happy to help a student.Have a backup in case your first choice for an interview has a conflict at the last minute. Conflicts and conciliation can happen, so it is best to be prepared.Q2. Do I have to do an interview?A: Yes, a personal or phone interview with another person is required. Full contact information for the source should be provided in your paper for verification purposes.Q3. I do this for my company, can I just talk about my experience?A: No, see Q2, above.Q4. My firm doesn’t have customers, what do I do?A: Every organization has a destination for its products or services – even government agencies, non-profits, and charities. You can use internal or external customer relations and service issues for this paper. If this is still an issue, see Q1, above.Q5. How do I cite a personal interview as a source reference?A: See the APA Tutorial in the course Syllabus.

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