The parental investment model

Q1. The parental investment model helps to explain whya. men are more ‘picky’ in selecting a mate.b. women are more ‘picky’ in selecting a mate.c. women fall in love more easily than men.d. women hold more romantic beliefs than men. Q2. For older individuals, social loneliness is most influenced by the ____ of friendship.a. qualityb. quantityc. durationd. context Q3. Love as the basis for marriage isa. a universal phenomenonb. most common in collectivist culturesc. an 18th-century invention of Western cultured. becoming increasingly uncommon across cultures Q4. Physical attractivenessa. plays a major role in dating.b. is only important to men.c. is only important in heterosexual relationships.d. is not important in friendships. Q5. The great popularity of the Internet as an arena for socializinga. has caused psychologists to reevaluate the importance of proximity and attractiveness inrelationship development.b. is interpreted by psychologists as one more sign of social isolation and alienation.c. has caused researchers to suspect that self-disclosure is less important in relationshipdevelopment than previously believed.d. has been predicted to decline as this decade progresses. Q6. ____ involves the actions one takes to sustain the desirable qualities of a relationship.a. Social exchangeb. Relationship maintenancec. Reciprocityd. AttributionQ7. If Bruce is a stereotypical male, he will generally be ____.a. instructiveb. expressivec. intrinsicd. instrumental Q8. Women are most likely to hold which of the following jobs?a. clergyb. physicianc. college teacherd. kindergarten teacher Q9. Remaining cool and calm under pressure is characteristic of which of the followingelements of the traditional male role?a. sexualityb. achievementc. aggressiond. stoicism Q10. The traditional female role consists of three major mandates: the ____ mandate, the____ mandate, and to work outside the home.a. success; marriageb. success; motherhoodc. marriage; nurturance d. marriage; motherhood Q11. In general, higher intelligence and grades are associated with higher careeraspirations, but this is less likely to hold true for girls than for boys. This finding illustrateswhich of the following concepts?a. reproductive fitnessb. heterosexual successc. economic discriminationd. the ability-achievement gap Q12. In gender research, the meta-analysis has allowed researchers toa. obtain larger samples.b. determine causal relationships.c. better assess the size and consistency of gender differences.d. examine perceptions of gender stereotypes. Q13. ‘Gender differences are in the eye of the beholder’ is a statement of the explanationfor these differences put forth bya. social role theorists.b. social constructionists.c. social learning theorists.d. visual gender determinists. Q14. The concept of gender role transcendence challenges the assumption thata. gender roles are a source of difficulty in modern societies.b. the male role is more complimentary than the female role.c. gender roles are necessary for an equitable division of labor.d. some traits are inherently masculine and others are feminine. Q15. When Pat takes a personality inventory, the resulting scores on the subscales thatmeasure masculinity and femininity are both low. This pattern of scoring is calleda. bisexual. b. androgyny.c. androcentrism.d. gender-role undifferentiated. Q16. In one study, Karasek found more symptoms of heart disease among men whose jobswere ____ in psychological demands and ____ in decision control.a. low; lowb. high; highc. low; highd. high; low Q17. Jose has engaged the services of a registered nurse, an athletic trainer, and anutritionist to develop a three-week program to raise employee awareness of theimportance of self-care on and off the job. He is offering his employees aa. relaxation-training program.b. workplace wellness program.c. diversity awareness program.d. stress-management program. Q18. Jobs with ____ and ____ are considered the most stressful.a. low psychological demands; high decision controlb. high psychological demands; high decision controlc. low psychological demands; low decision controld. high psychological demands; low decision control Q19. Interventions at the ____ are the most widely used strategy for managing work-relatedstress.a. individual levelb. organizational levelc. family-organizational interfaced. individual-organizational interface Q20. The results of an occupational interest inventory are designed toa. predict whether you would be successful in various jobs.b. focus on recommendations for the career path you should follow.c. indicate how similar your interests are to the typical interests of people in various jobs.d. indicate whether your interests are consistent with job descriptions included in the Dictionaryof Occupational Titles.Q21. Leaving the labor force, even if for increasingly brief periods of time, is calleda. overemployment.b. labor force discontinuity.c. token employment.d. re-employment disclamation. Q22. ____ refers to behaviors of interviewers that lead to the reinforcement of their preconceived notions about a job candidate.a. Discriminationb. Confirmation biasc. Harassmentd. Leading questions Q23. Which of the following statements about workaholism is not true?a. Psychologists are not in agreement about how harmful workaholism is.b. It is one of the most well researched areas in I/O psychology.c. There are enthusiastic and non-enthusiastic workaholics.d. There are certain organizational climate features that promote workaholism. Q24. Western Europeans tend to have more vacation time than Americans.a. trueb. false Q25. Which is an increasingly important specific job skill?a. intelligence b. math aptitudec. identityd. social skills

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