The CEO of Hospital Anywhere

The CEO of Hospital Anywhere has just hired you as a consultant to review and update all administrative guidelines, policies and procedures. You want to start with the Medical Staff By-laws. You ask the CEO for a copy of the Medical Staff By-laws to review. The CEO tells you, that he doesn’t know if any Medical Staff by-laws were ever written and refers you to the Director of the Medical Staff. When you speak with the Director of the Medical Staff, you learn that the CEO is correct. The Medical Staff By-laws were never written. After discussion with both the CEO and Director of the Medical Staff, it is determined that at least part of the Medical Staff by-laws should reflect Medicare’s Conditions of Participation.Step One: Locate and review Medicare’s Conditions of Participation.Step Two: Develop five Medical Staff By-laws based on the information in the Medicare’s Conditions of ParticipationStep Three: Write a formal proposal to the CEO and Medical Staff director containing the following:An explanation about Medicare’s Conditions of Participation (What is it?)Five Medical Staff By-lawsAn explanation for EACH by-law. Why it is important? How does it meet Medicare’s Conditions of Participation?Your proposal should be two pages long (not counting title and reference pages) and be in proper APA format.

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