Texas GBK 332 – Walt Disney is running a promotion

Question 1Walt Disney is running a promotion, whereby, if you give a day of service to Habitat for Humanity, you get a free ticket for park admission. I wanted to go to Disneyland and started working at a Habitat house Half-way through my shift the foreman announced that Disney was spending the offer. Did Disney and I have a binding contract? Explain. If so, what type(s) of contract was it?Question 2Steve offers to buy a new digital camera, with a case, two extra memory cards and the USB cable, from Best Buy for $200. Ryan authorized representative, says, “$200 dollars will work, but no case, no extra memory cards or cable. “Do we have a contract since they did at least agree on the camera for $200? Explain why or why not using the proper legal vocabulary.Question 3Answer both of the following:(a) Jim has until the 5th to accept an offer from Bill to buy his boat for $5,000. Assuming no method of acceptance was specified, Jim mails his acceptance on the 3rd and it is received on the 7th. What is the result? Contract or not? Explain.(b) Using the same facts, what if a revocation was mailed on the 2nd and received on the 4th? Contract or not? Explain.Question 4Samantha, a staunch vegetarian, promises to pay her cousin Gary, who eats meat like crazy, $2,000 if Gary becomes a vegetarian for 11 months. Gary agrees, performs his part, and asks for the money. Samantha refuses to pay, saying that she forgot about the deal, but that even if she did make such a pledge, there was no valid consideration for it. Gary files a suit against Samantha. In whose favor is the court likely to rule and why?Question 5Sammy, age 75 walks into the store one day and purchases a brand new washer and dryer that is on sale. When it is delivered the next week, Sammy is puzzled and tells the driver that he did not remember purchasing a washer and dryer. The delivery driver shows him a form with his name, address, credit card number, and signature from the previous week. Is Sammy obligated to purchase of the appliances? Explain.Question 6Bob’s Fishing Inc. is a commercial charter service. Bob’s includes on its tickets a clause that states the company is not liable for any injury to, or the death of anyone caused by its, or its employees’ actions. On a charter one day, a deckhand (employee) tries to have fun with a customer and holds a small shark near their face. The shark flops out of the guys hand and bites the customer, severely lacerating their face. Based on the clause on its tickets, can Bob’s avoid liability for the bite? ExplainQuestion 7I purchase an old painting at an estate sale for $100 that would look great over the mantle. As I’m hanging it up, I see the signature of a famous artist that gets me excited. I take it to the guys on Pawn Stars and Rick offers to buy it for $5,000, but I decline. The original seller calls and wants the painting back after seeing it on the show. Does he have any recourse? Explain.Question 8In a transaction for the sale of an office building, the Trump Company tells the purchaser that the office furniture is included. The contract says nothing about office furniture, but does state, “This document supersedes all oral promises relating to the sale. “Is the furniture part of the sale? Why or why not?Question 9Explain why specific performance may or may not be available for a breach of contract in the following situations:a. A two year written teaching contract for me to teach at LCU that I breach by going to TAMUCT.b. A contract for the sale of my home in Temple that I breach because a friend of mine is considering buying it.c. A contract for the sale of my standard Ford F-150 truck that I breach by deciding to hang onto itQuestion 10I hire a local contractor to renovate a portion of my home and submit plans that they approve. The contractor completes the work, but the toilet and sink are not the brand I asked for, so I refuse payment on the whole contract. Could the contractor sue successfully for payment for the entire contract? Explain what they can or cannot get here. What level of performance was done here?

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