Roles of Early Childhood Professional

For this assignment, imagine that computers and the Internet existed in Ancient Rome. Write a blog post of two to four pages, with multiple entries if you wish. Write the blog in first person (making use of I, me, and mywhen composing), as if you are actually living in the time period. The blog is to be simulated; that is, you will not be posting it to the Internet, but turning it in via an email attachment.Some ideas are:· Take a specific issue, explain it, and give your opinion about it.· Select a person living in the time period and give your opinion about that person’s ideas (such as someone would today regarding various politicians). DO NOT WRITE A BIOGRAPHY!· Discuss the problems and/or privileges of being in a specific social class of the time.Whatever you decide to write about, do not forget to answer the who, what, when, where, why, and how of the topic. Always assume the reader knows nothing of the topic.This assignment must be 100% free of plagiarism, completely written in your own words with no quotes. When citing sources use a reference section only( no in text citations). All references will be checked for accuracy and subject correspondence. Please utilize the MLA writing style for this paper.

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