read directions in the attachment provided

read directions in the attachment providedthen look up computer crimes and code of ethics found on many websites and answer the situtations below Provide your reasoning for each of your answers using both the ethical codes of conduct and the information on computer crimes that you found on the internetBeside each situation below, place a check by the term(s) that best reflects your opinion of the behavior of the individual. Provide your reasoning for each of your answers using both the ethical codes of conduct and the information on computer crimes a. John and Beth are both enrolled in the same section of a computer class. The textbook is expensive so they decide to split the cost and share the required textbook. The book includes access to a Web site; however, it is designed so only one account can be established. They elect to establish one account in Beth’s name and share the password.John: Ethical___ Unethical___ Computer crime___Beth: Ethical___ Unethical___ Computer crime___b. At the end of the term John and Beth decide to sell the textbook and the Web access to a student, Robert, who will be taking the course next term. While the password for the Web site can be changed the user name cannot be changed.John: Ethical___ Unethical___ Computer crime___Beth: Ethical___ Unethical___ Computer crime___Robert: Ethical___ Unethical___ Computer crime___c. Susan is a senior nursing student recovering from a respiratory infection that required treatment with antibiotics. She was glad to be told by her doctor that by Wednesday she will no longer be contagious. This term Susan is taking Nurs 401. In this course the students are expected to obtain their clinical assignment on Tuesday and prepare for a 6-hour clinical on Wednesday. Susan asks a classmate, Betty, who is assigned to the same clinical unit to check her assignment and to make notes of the information she will need to research, such as the patients diagnosis, significant diagnostic tests, medications, and treatment. The classmate is glad to be of help because they often work together in preparing for clinical and helping each other on the clinical unit.Susan: Ethical___ Unethical___ Computer crime___Betty: Ethical___ Unethical___ Computer crime___d. Betty was surprised to discover that she was not able to help Susan. On Tuesdays nursing students are only able to access the patient(s) on the hospital computer system that are included in their assignments. Betty notifies Susan, who then calls her clinical instructor, Dr. H. Ple to explain her dilemma. Dr. H. Ple comes to the clinical unit and prints off the information. She blacks out the patient’s name and gives the printout to Betty who takes it back to Susan.Susan: Ethical___ Unethical___ Computer crime___Betty: Ethical___ Unethical___ Computer crime___Dr. H. Ple: Ethical___ Unethical___ Computer crime___e. James is assigned to an observational learning experience in a busy emergency department. Five patients from a multiple-car accident have just been admitted and more are expected. James is observing Dr. Smith who is gloved and intubating one of the patients. All of the staff are currently busy caring for the other patients. Dr. Smith’s beeper emits a series of beeps. Dr. Smith explains to James that the beeper is hospital issued and requires a password. She tells James that the series of beeps indicates an emergency and she asks James to use her password to sign on and read the text message aloud. James signs in with Dr. Smith’s password and reads the message, which includes a patient’s name, a brief description of the problem, and requests for a return call STAT.James: Ethical___ Unethical___ Computer crime___Dr. Smith: Ethical___ Unethical___ Computer crime___f. Brian is creating a Web page and finds a terrific background graphic on another page. He copies the background to use on his page. He also includes at the bottom of the page in small print a link acknowledging the source of the background.Brian: Ethical___ Unethical___ Computer crime___g. Several healthcare providers are collaborating on an important research study that includes a review of the patient’s history, a guided interview, and a computed tomography scan (CT) for each patient participating in the study. The hospital Institutional Board of Review (IRB) has given permission for data collection of the patients’ health history via computerized patient records for patients who have signed the informed consent forms. In the past, once the IRB approval was obtained, the principal investigator (PI) sent a list of names of the co-investigators to the IT department to establish their research-related computer accounts. The co-investigators would then review the patient’s records and set up the data collection format for each patient. Late Friday afternoon the PI receives a memo explaining that the IT procedures have been changed and the accounts will not be established until the co-investigators have signed the appropriate forms and received training that includes the policies and procedures for using the computerized patient records. Several patients have already been scheduled for interviews and CTs on Saturday. All of the co-investigators currently have access to the computerized record for these patents via their hospital responsibilities. The PI and co-investigators decide to use their hospital access and deal with the change in procedures on Monday.PI: Ethical___ Unethical___ Computer crime___Co-investigators: Ethical___ Unethical___ Computer crime___IT Department: Ethical___ Unethical___ Computer crime___h. Terri has taken 21 credits this term and has had a very difficult time keeping up. In 48 hours she must turn in a term paper on the use of computers in health care. She discovers an online term paper titled The Use of Computers in Rural Hospitals. The outline is perfect so she uses the paper as a “jumping off point,” making significant revisions to the paper. Since she does not cite a specific section of the paper she does not include the paper in her references.Terry: Ethical___ Unethical___ Computer crime___i. Dr. Bob is teaching a computer course. The university purchased a site license for 25 copies of the software he is distributing to students. However, 25 students are registered for the course. Dr. Bob gives each of the students an account and sends in a purchase request for additional copies so he will also have access. A week later he receives a call from the purchasing department informing him that the site licenses are only sold in bundles of 25 and cost $500. Dr. Bob decides to wait a week to determine if any students drop the course. If a student does drop the course Dr. Bob plans to use the student’s account for his own access.Dr. Bob: Ethical___ Unethical___ Computer crime___j. James is completing his senior year as a nursing student in a BSN program. A patient he cared for a few weeks ago obtained his email address from the online university directory and sent him an email. In the email the patient discussed new and potentially serious symptoms and asks that James keep his concerns confidential. James believes the symptoms may indicate a life-threatening situation. He forwards the email to the charge nurse on the unit where the patient was treated and to the senior resident involved in the patient’s care.James: Ethical___ Unethical___ Computer crime___

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