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1- Your friend tells you that he is tired of constantly typing his contact information on every email he sends out and asks you if there is a way to automatically input this information. What do you tell him?A. Synchronize Outlook with a Word file. B. Synchronize Outlook with an Excel spreadsheet. C. Create a default signature for all emails. D. Create an email template to begin all emails. 3- 2- You are considering upgrading your Office 2010 to Office 2013. Which of the selections below is not true of either Office 2010 or 2013?A. Office 2013 can integrate directly with the cloud. B. Word 2010 can edit PDF files. C. Office 2010 is not touch-friendly. D. Office 2013 is more supportive of multiple monitors.3- Your boss is very concerned about security for Word 2013. He wants to disable Macro settings within his Word documents. How do you instruct him to do this?A. File, Options, Trust Center, Macro Settings “Disable all macros with notification” B. Security, Options, Trust Center, Macro Settings “Disable all macros with notification” C. File, Security, Trust Center, Macro Settings “Disable all macros with notification” D. File, Options, Security, Macro Settings “Disable all macros with notification” 4-You told your sister about creating bullet points with Word 2013. She calls you and says that she created a list of six bullet points, but she can’t stop creating more bullets because every time she hits the Enter key another bullet is created. She needs your help.A. Tell her to hold the Shift key as she hits Enter. B. Tell her to hold the Ctrl key as she hits Enter. C. Tell her to hold the Alt button as she hits Enter. D. Tell her to right-click the mouse as she hits Enter. 5-What is the purpose of an Automatic Reply?A. To let email senders know that you are out-of-town B. To alert spammers so that their emails will be rejected C. To reply to senders of large attached files D. To reply to senders who are attaching viruses 6-You are creating a document for your students at school using Word 2013. You are concerned that some of your students have older versions of Word. How can you ensure that your students can open up these Word files in older versions of Word?A. Save them as a template. B. Create the document with a template. C. Save them as .doc files. D. Save them as .docx files. 7-A start-up company has hired you to implement an email strategy for its organization. The company wants all of its employees to have an enterprise-level email client and is considering Windows Live. They ask you if there are any limitations about this email solution. Which selection below is a major limitation?A. Windows Live can’t insert signatures. B. Windows Live can’t blind copy recipients. C. Windows Live can’t use the IMAP protocol. D. Windows Live has limited Exchange Server integration. 8-Your daughter is trying to send a video file to all of her girlfriends, but most of her emails are being returned. She asks you for help. What do you tell her?A. Tell her to blind-copy the video files to everyone. B. Tell her to upload the file to a cloud drive and email the link to everyone. C. Tell her to hold the CTRL key down when she clicks the Insert File icon. D. Tell her to zip the file into a compressed file and send it to everyone. 9-What type of Microsoft Server serves as an email server?A. SQL Server B. IIS C. Exchange 2013 D. Directory Services 10-Where can you access email accounts on your Windows 7 computer in order to modify current accounts or create new ones?A. Windows Live Essentials B. Microsoft Outlook 2010 C. Yahoo! Mail D. Gmail 11-An employee is setting up an Outlook email account and calls the help desk asking what to put for the incoming mail server. What is the answer?A. The fully qualified domain name of the mail server B. The IP address of the mail server C. The protocol used by the mail server D. The webmail address used by the webmail server 12-A user calls your help desk and says that he is trying to configure his Word document so that the text within his paragraphs is stretched from the left margin to the right margin. What is your advice?A. Tell him to click the Align Left icon on the Home Ribbon. B. Tell him to click the Align Right icon on the Home Ribbon. C. Tell him to click the Justify icon on the Home Ribbon. D. Tell him to click the Column Width icon on the Page Layout Ribbon. 13-Your sister asks you if it is possible to get an office productivity suite out there for free. What do you tell her?A. Office Professional B. Office Home and Student edition of Microsoft Office C. SkyDrive D. Office 365 14-Your boss has asked you to edit a document she just created. You want to be able to make suggestions to the document without directly altering any of the text your boss has written. How do you do this?A. Use the Spelling and Grammar function. B. Insert comments into the document. C. Use Microsoft OneNote. D. Insert a screenshot into the document. 15-When would you use a template when working with Word 2013?A. When you want to create a document that will be saved to the cloud B. When you want to create a document that will work in Google Docs C. When you want to create a document that will work in Office 2010 D. When you want to create a document from a ready-made design 16-You are writing up a contract agreement for a new work assignment you just got with a local business. You want to create the document so that when you send it to the client, the client can’t alter it. How can you do this?A. Save it as a DOCX file. B. Save it as a DOTM file. C. Save it as a PDF file. D. Save it as an RTF file. 17-Your sister wants to purchase Microsoft Office 2013 for her new laptop. She doesn’t want to pay for a subscription and she wants to pay the least amount of money possible. The applications she plans on using are Word, Excel, and Outlook. Which version of Office do you recommend for her?A. Office Home and Student B. Office Home and Business C. Office Professional D. Office 365 18-How is Office 365 different from Windows Live Office?A. Office 365 is free. B. Office 365 costs a monthly subscription fee. C. Office 365 can be accessed through a web browser. D. Office 365 only has limited application options. 19-You are training your employees how to save their documents in Word 2013. What menu path do you tell them to use?A. Home, Save B. Word, Save C. File, Save D. Review, Save 20-Your boss is trying to modify a PDF file that he made a year ago. He asks you what he can use to do this. Which of the selections below will not allow him to edit this file?A. Word 2010 B. Office 2013 C. Adobe Acrobat D. Nuance PDF Converter

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