Project Overview-evolution of public policy and opinion on Juvenile justice

Project OverviewAs part of the evaluation, you will be expected to provide an overview of the evolution of publicpolicy and opinion on Juvenile justice reform over the past 50 years.This research project is broken down into the following three components that will be completedduring the course:1. During Part I, students will submit an overview of their research project and an annotatedbibliography.2. During Part II, students will submit the section of the research paper that examines theevolution of the reform issue over the past 50 years.3. During Part III, students will submit the Final Project.Part I Annotated BibliographyOverview and Annotated BibliographyPart 1 of the Final Project includes both an overview of the research project and an annotatedbibliography. In the overview section, you must identify the criminal justice reform that willserve as the basis for your research project and briefly describe what specific areas or topics willbe included as part of the examination of Juvenile justice reform. The overview section shouldbe no more than two pages in length. The annotated bibliography must include a minimum of sixscholarly resources that you plan to utilize in the research paper. Each resource must beformatted per APA 6th ed. You will be allowed to utilize more scholarly resources in the finalresearch paper as appropriate. The intent of the annotated bibliography is to demonstrate that youare headed in the right direction with your research for the paper.Part 1 of the Final Project should be approximately 4–5 pages in length (2 page overview, withthe rest dedicated to the annotated bibliography), not counting the cover and reference pages.Please review the general guidelines for papers to obtain a description of other formattingrequirements.You cannot use any Wiki, Ask…., dictionaries of any kind, or encyclopedias of any kind. Youcan use online resources, journal articles, and/or books. The annotated bibliography will ensuretwo things; first, is that there are enough credible resources to utilize in the development of yourresearch paper, and second, you are headed in the right direction with your research paper.Your annotated bibliography should: Summarize the sources: What are the main arguments? What is the point of this book orarticle? What topics are covered? If someone asked what this article/book is about, what wouldyou say? The annotations for each source should be written in paragraph form. Do not exceed 300words per annotation. Try to be concise and succinct. Be formatted per APA (6th ed.) guidelinesPart IIJuvenile justice reform HistoryPart 2 of the Final Project includes the section of the research paper focused upon the history ofJuvenile justice reform. In this section, you will (1) identify and discuss the issues that areincluded with the selected reform, (2) provide a narrative timeline describing how the reform has evolved over the past 50 years, and (3) briefly discuss the relevance of Juvenile justice reformto public policy making, specifically within the field of criminal justice.Please note that you are only briefly discussing the connection between the Juvenile criminaljustice reform area and public policy making in the last part of this section of Part 2 of theproject. A full discussion on the topics highlighted in item 3 above will be included in the finalpaper. More information about this is provided in the Final Project section of this Course Projectdescription.You must incorporate at least four other scholarly resources in these sections of the researchpaper. You are encouraged to at least use some of the scholarly resources that were submitted aspart of the Annotated Bibliography in Part 1 of the Final Project.Part 2 of the Final Project should be 5 – 7 pages in length, not counting the cover and referencepages.Part IIIPart III of the Project will consist of the following components: (1) Overview section submittedduring part I; (2) Juvenile justice reform History section submitted during Part II; and (3)Evaluation of the role public opinion and public policy played in the evolution of the selectedJuvenile justice reform. Information presented in each section should be supported withscholarly resources. Sections of the Final Project that were previously submitted in Units III and V must include any updatesthat were recommended by the course instructor as part of feedback given during previous reviews ofthese sections. The final section of the paper, Section 3 – Evaluation, will be created and submitted withthe Final Project.While the level of detail in each section of the Final Project will vary, it is anticipated that Section 3 will beapproximately 3–5 pages in length. This should result in a Final Project (Parts 1, 2, and 3) that is 10–14pages in length, not counting the cover and reference pages. Please review the general guidelines forpapers to obtain a description of other formatting requirements.Information about accessing the Blac

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