MD MRKT 310 – What value do marketing channels

Question 1?(1 point)What value do marketing channels bring to the customer? ?Question 1 options:Marketing channels ensure the product or service is delivered on time. ?Effective marketing channels can mean the difference between a customer buying your product or a competing product.Marketing channels provide value in that they offer financing options for both the end user and the wholesaler.Marketing channels ensure customers get what, when and where they want their goods and services.SaveQuestion 2?(1 point)A company engages in demand planning when ?_________.Question 2 options:create a customer service department to handle customer demands following receipt of their orders.the firm wants to demand that each channel members provides value to the next member of the value chain.intermediaries tell the firm how many of their products they can handle and move along the chain.determine in advance how much of the firm’s product the customers will buy.SaveQuestion 3?(1 point)What determines how many intermediaries a firm should include in its marketing channel system?Question 3 options:It depends on the?distance of?the factory from the retail locations where the product will be sold to the customer.The number of intermediaries depends on which channel partners can perform channel functions better or more efficiently than the company.The number of intermediaries depends on which functions needed to get to the end customers the manufacturer cannot perform on their own.It depends on the number of functions that need to be performed to sell to?the end customer such as transportation, financing or promotion.SaveQuestion 4?(1 point)A company that sells its product direct to consumers via the internet is using?a _________.Question 4 options:direct channelindirect channelmono channeltraditional channelSaveQuestion 5?(1 point)Michaels Craft Store (Michaels….) would be an example of which type of channel partner?Question 5 options:wholesalersuperstoreconvenience storecategory killerSaveQuestion 6?(1 point)Diet Coke is an example of a product that is ______?Question 6 options:exclusively distributedintensively distributedwholesale distributedselectively distributedSaveQuestion 7?(1 point)Walmart is a multi-billion dollar retail company that is a buyer from several consumer goods manufacturers. Many of their suppliers have moved to Bentonville, Arkansas, the Walmart headquarters. Why do you think suppliers have moved so close to Walmart headquarters?Question 7 options:to ensure they can get to headquarters quicker than competitors to submit ?competitive bids and purchase ordersto be able to personally deliver?all paperwork involved in transactions with their most important customer.?to be able to meet with the president of the company as often as possibleto be around many of the suppliers to Walmart for greater cooperation and training?SaveQuestion 8?(1 point)A local dermatologist has developed a new line of body scrub products for sensitive skin. She is unsure if she should sell her products through dermatologists’ offices or through retail chains such as Sephora. Which explanation best describes why the marketing channel decision is as important as pricing and product features?Question 8 options:because one channel may want a greater percentage of the sale than the other channelbecause it might be easier for her to make a distribution deal with Sephora, a national chain, as opposed to calling on individual doctor officers that may take too much time and money.because place communicates to the customer something about the product’s value proposition, which includes the benefits and pricebecause the skin scrub is like so many other products in that product category that selling through dermatologists offices would give it the aura of being an exclusive product.SaveQuestion 9?(1 point)Breakeven point refers to _______Question 9 options:the point at which revenue equals units sold.the point at which total costs equal total revenue.the point at which consumers have had enough of a product.the point at which the firm can finally make a profit.SaveQuestion 10?(1 point)Pricing strategies that are based on the marketing concept and the value equation are called:Question 10 options:Cost-plus pricingPrestige pricingCustomer-focused pricing?Leader pricingSaveQuestion 11?(1 point)New products generally use which pricing strategies?Question 11 options:prestige pricing or leader pricingcost plus or everyday low price strategiesskimming or cost plus pricing strategiesskimming or penetration pricing strategiesSaveQuestion 12?(1 point)Demand for a product is said to be inelastic when ______.Question 12 options:the price goes down, the product will end up in an outlet storethe price goes up, consumers look for bargains.the price goes up the demand goes increase in price will cause demand to go up or stay the same.SaveQuestion 13?(1 point)There are only a few dozen Rolls Royce dealerships spread across the United States, mainly in the extremely affluent cities. ?This is an example of ____________.Question 13 options:franchise?distributionselective distributionintensive distributionexclusive distributionSaveQuestion 14?(1 point)Which member of the channel system helps manufacturers control supply and demand conditions?Question 14 options:demand plannerswholesalerstransporterswarehousersSaveQuestion 15?(1 point)If Walmart and Target agreed to charge the same price for some of their electronic?products they would be guilty of ______________.?Question 15 options:bait and switchpredatory pricingprice skimmingprice fixing

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