Market segments and define a target market

You will identify market segments and define a target market for a business that provides tax preparation services. You may define the location and scope/size of this business.Your paper should include:Identification of the specific market segments used to categorize prospective customers for this businessExplain why those segments are used to classify shared needsHDAV Analysis that validates segment selectionA description of the primary target market the business will attempt to pursueA positioning statement and/or value proposition statement that clearly defines customer needs and organization solutionA summary paragraph stating recommendations about the market segment and target market analysis for this organization….pile the market segmentation and analysis in a 3-4 page single-spaced paper or a 6-8 page double-spaced paper. Be sure to incorporate concepts and references from your assigned readings.In order to get an A in this assignment:Clearly and completely defines the shared needs and motivations for the defined business*Clearly and completely identifies appropriate market segments to classify customers with shared needs*Provides thorough HDAV analysis to validate market segments*Provides a complete and accurate description of the target market based on defined market segmentsProvides a positioning statement that concisely links customer needs to organization solutionPresents a clear, concise analysis in the conclusion….es excellent writing techniques, mechanics, and APA style

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