Kapalan HN205 – Unit 9 Assignment

HN205 Unit 9 AssignmentKaplan University School of Arts and Sciences HN205 Unit 9 Assignment Unit 9: Assignment InformationThe Unit 9 Assignment is an opportunity for you to apply the knowledge and strategies you exploredduring this term. In your Assignment, you will use the information you have gathered from the CaseStudy provided to write an informative essay describing the helping process as it applies to this specificcase.In a 2- to 4-page informative essay, please address the following:• ••• Explain the role of the human service professional in the helping process.Identify an appropriate professional image, including body language and appearance. Explain theimportance of these characteristics when working with clients who may disagree or causeuncomfortable tension.Discuss how personal values, beliefs, prejudices and stereotypes can help or harm the helpingprocess.Discuss the potential ethical and legal issues surrounding this case and what your obligationsas a professional would be regarding those issues.Explain what recommendations you would make for these clients and your rationale behindeach recommendation. Your paper should include the following:•••• Title PageMain body of the paper (2-4 pages, including an introductory paragraph, supporting paragraphs,and a concluding paragraph)Reference pageCorrect APA formatting for in-paper citations It also should be free of spelling and grammatical errors. Youshould follow these formatting guidelines in your paper:•••• Use standard margins: 1” on all sidesUse standard 12-point font size, Arial or Times New RomanUse standard double-spacingBe sure your text is left justified Your Assignment should be written adhering to the guidelines of Standard American English and theformatting and documentation should adhere to the standards of the American PsychologicalAssociation (APA). This means that your thoughts should be well-organized and original. Also includedin Standard American English is the use of correct grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure.Remember, writing is a process, so please seek help from the Kaplan Writing Center if writing is achallenge for you. You can also refer to the APA Quick Reference Guide for help with formatting yourAssignment.1 HN205 Unit 9 AssignmentYou must use at least two sources in this paper. One can be your text and the other should be from apeer-reviewed journal or article found in the Kaplan Library.Citing SourcesIt is always important to attribute credit to the proper sources when relying on the text, articles,websites, or other sources. You must credit your work when you:••• Summarize concepts and theories that you learned in the text, articles, or Internet sources….e others’ ideas, theories, and concepts in constructing discussion question responses orcompleting projects….e direct quotes in the context of your project (when quoting directly, you must use quotationmarks). You can also refer to the APA Quick Reference Guide for help with citing your sources.Your Assignment must be your original work; plagiarism will not be tolerated. Be sure to reviewthe Syllabus in terms of what constitutes plagiarism.This Assignment is due at the end of Unit 9. Case StudyTwo men are seeking services for couples coaching after being released from prison. Reggie is a 26year-old African American with a stocky but athletic build, and Todd is a 30-year-old, Caucasian with aslight frame and more effeminate features.Reggie is wearing a very revealing “muscle shirt” and shorts and is sweaty from the heat outside. Toddis dressed in a pink cotton polo shirt with shorts and appears to have a “preppie” style. The men areinvited into the office to be interviewed; each one selects his own couch to sit. Todd takes the lead inspeaking and during the interview, frequently talks over and interrupts Reggie.Todd reports that he was released from prison three months ago, one month prior to Reggie, and hasbeen under a lot of pressure to find resources for himself and his partner so they could reintegrate intosociety. This stress, along with other issues, has taken a toll on their relationship.Todd reports that he is estranged from his family and only speaks to his mother from time-to-timebecause she is very emotionally abusive towards him and “drives him to drink.” Reggie reports that hisrelationships with members of his family are “very complicated.” He discloses that his mother died whilehe was serving his prison sentence, and he has not really come to terms with it. Reggie has two sistersfrom whom he is estranged – they refuse to speak to him and will not give him information about hismother’s last days. The two agree that they are left supporting each other on the “outside” and feel theyare learning how to function again in the “real” world.Todd states that he has served his time, whereas Reggie has a parole officer to whom he must reportregularly. Todd states that he is resentful of the ankle bracelet that Reggie has to wear that monitors hisevery move and does not allow him to live freely.When Reggie was released, he moved in with Todd in the apartment Todd had rented. Two weeks ago,Reggie moved out of the apartment and into a room in a local halfway house. Todd explains that after2 HN205 Unit 9 Assignmentsix weeks of constant arguing that frequently escalated into physical violence, Todd threatened Reggiewith a knife because he was so scared. Reggie left the apartment before it got physical and the policewere not called. Reggie did inform his parole officer and the officer found Reggie the room in theboarding house so Reggie would not violate his parole. Todd later helped Reggie set up the room andbought him some basics so he could live comfortably.Todd states that he wants Reggie to be able to come back home, but cannot tolerate the physicalabuse. Reggie states that he is extremely stressed by his own expectations and his feelings that he isnot making it outside of prison. He states that he feels like he has to depend on his partner foreverything, and at this point, has no other choice. He further explains that he was raised to take care ofhimself and not have to rely on others.The men agreed to continue to work on the relationship if referred to counseling. Todd states that he isvery anxious about the situation and wants Reggie to move back home as soon as his parole officer willgive approval. Reggie states that his main goal is to get things established for himself like finding a job,meeting the expectations of his parole, and being independent.Todd is very charming and confident during the interview process while Reggie is quiet and keeps hishands clasped tightly together in his lap. Reggie states that one of his concerns is Todd’s behavior inpublic and how it draws attention to them as a couple. The attention makes Reggie extremelyuncomfortable.Todd interjects that he sees a psychiatrist for his mental health and substance abuse issues. Todd alsoreports that his drug issue plays a significant role in the problems in their relationship. He reports that hiscurrent drug use was triggered by the stress of being released from prison first (and alone) and thenlater from having to endure the physical abuse by his partner. He states that his drug of choice iscocaine, which has been a problem for him for many years, sending him to prison and costing him hiscareer as a realtor. Todd further reports that his psychiatrist has placed him on Lithium and Trazodonefor his Bipolar Disorder.Reggie reports that he smokes marijuana occasionally and has been drinking alcohol regularly since hewas a teenager. He states that he does not think either of these is a problem for him and does not seewhere it is a problem for him to use in front of Todd. Todd states he is resentful that Reggie is notsupportive of him in his daily battle to remain clean and sober and that Reggie’s recreational drug usein front of him is extremely difficult to deal with.Todd states that he is on Social Security Disability for his mental health disorder and substance abusebecause it cost him his job several years back and he has been unable to work since. Todd says healso receives compensation and insurance from his previous employer. Reggie states that he hasenrolled in the “STARS” program set up for people who have been recently released from prison to helphim find employment and re-enter the job market; however, he says he is still struggling to findemployment in this program. He reports that this is a source of tension for him because he needs to beout there working and supporting himself. He again mentions that he does not like not being able tosupport himself and having to rely on someone else.The two agree that they both have a lot to work on and are under a lot of stress being on the “outside. 3

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