Identify a particular tax of your choosing to post

Identify a particular tax of your choosing to post, then concisely defend your view on whether that tax meets Adam Smith’s criteria of a “good tax” and whether it is both efficient and equitable. Give positive reasons based on the microeconomics of product and resource markets, and the inevitable efficiency and equity implications, that we have studied for your normative conclusion. Read and respond to your fellow students’ postings at will.Here’s what I’d like you do:1. Pick a particular tax. You can use one as described in your text in Chapters Five and/or Thirty One or another at the Federal, State, or local level that you know of. But NOT ONE ALREADY POSTED BY A CLASSMATE! So first come, first serve on this one. Just read your fellow classmates postings beforehand. Also, everyone pick just one tax, keep the pool open for your classmates.2. Indicate whether you think the tax meets Adam Smith’s criteria as identified and explained above. Is it efficient? Is it equitable and just?3. Indicate how you would either support the tax or attempt to change it as a “political entrepreneur” knowing what you do about Public Choice Theory from Chapter Thirty One. Remember, your goal as a “political entrepreneur” is to win votes!

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